Brizo Faucet Reviews – Most Popular Kitchen Faucets In 2022

Brizo is considered a luxury brand, delivering high-end collections of kitchen, bath and shower fixtures. The manufacturers of Brizo faucets insist that fashion need not be worn but that it can also be just set on display. So they create unique kitchen faucet designs that can become a fashion statement in any home. Each faucet is created with its own personality and every collection name carries a story behind it. However, Brizo is not only all about beauty but it also delivers on performance and reliability. So if you want your kitchen decor to inspire, check out our Brizo faucet reviews below.

Top 5 Brizo Kitchen Faucets Reviewed

1- Brizo 63225LF-SS Artesso

The Brizo 63225LF kitchen faucet comes from the Artesso collection, which was inspired by the early 20th century factories. Brizo made this design to bring a warmer look to the industrial aesthetic.

It features a high arc spout with a dual-jointed articulating arm. The faucet also includes a pull-down spray head that is connected to the faucet’s base on a semi-flexible hose. When not in use, it also securely connects to the articulating arm using a magnetic docking system.

However, to pull the spray wand down, you don’t need to detach it from its docking place. Just pull it down as it is and the dual-jointed arm will unfold, providing you with more reach. However, you can also take off the spray head and have more maneuverability around the sink area. Moreover, the arm can swivel in any direction, so you can rotate it from one angle to another.

The two-function wand features an ergonomic button that allows switching to either stream or spray mode.

The body of the faucet is made of brass, making it a strong and durable fixture. Brizo also offers 4 finishes for this model. They include stainless, Venetian bronze, polished nickel and chrome. All four are quite popular finish options for home fixtures, so they should fit most home decors.

The Brizo Artesso also features the revolutionary Diamond Seal technology. The valve of the faucets includes one ceramic and one diamond-coated disc. As these two move against each other, the diamond-coated one polishes the ceramic disc, eliminating any calcium or mineral deposits. This creates an impenetrable barrier, preventing leaks, and also protects the metal parts of the faucet.

2- Brizo 63003LF-SS Talo

The Brizo 63003LF Talo features a nature-inspired silhouette and combines it with advanced functionality and durability. The designers used the image of a bluebell flower to create the striking high-arc form of this faucet.

The body and handle are both made of brass. The faucet also comes with the high quality Diamond Seal valve, so there are two durable discs: one ceramic and diamond-embedded. The combination of these features provides the long-life performance.

The image here shows this Brizo Talo model in a stainless steel finish. However, there are more options to choose from. You can also get it in chrome, polished nickel and Venetian bronze.

It’s also a pull-down kitchen faucet but unlike the Artessa, the hose is hidden inside the spout. When you want to use it, you need to detach the wand from its magnetic docking system and then you can pull it down into the sink. You get plenty of reach for when you need to get up-close for any rinsing or other kitchen sink tasks. The spout also rotates, so you can swivel it to the left or right and even full circle.

The spray head is also multi-functional. There are two buttons on it that allow alternating between the available modes. They include stream, spray, volume control and pause functions.

3- Brizo 63055LF-SSCO Vuelo

Another great Brizo kitchen faucet is the 63055LF-SSCO. It comes from the Vuelo collection that takes its inspiration from the silhouette of a swan. The result is just as graceful and majestic as the beautiful bird.

The faucet’s construction like all the other Brizo faucets is made of brass, which means that it’s made to last. This model also offers more unique finishes. The model on the image is a combination of stainless steel and cocoa bronze. Other options include chrome, stainless and polished chrome/matte white. All of these are high quality finishes that assure a life free of corrosion and stains.

The high arc spout features a detachable spray wand that uses the MagneDock technology as its docking system. It’s essentially a powerful magnet that keeps the wand securely connected to the spout. However, when you need to use it, you can easily pull it down for efficient rinsing with the powerful spray.

You can also find an ergonomic button on the wand, by pressing it you can switch between spray and stream modes.

4- Brizo 63025LF Artesso

One more amazing kitchen faucet from Brizo’s Artesso line is the 63025LF model. It features a refined and distinguished look that is bound to become an impressive addition to any kitchen decor.

This Brizo kitchen faucet offers pretty much the same features as the above mentioned models.

It’s also made of brass and is available in 4 finish options. They are the most often used finishes in kitchen fixtures: chrome, stainless, polished nickel and Venetian bronze.

It features a pull-down design with a dual-function spray head that is kept docked inside the spout using the MagneDock technology.

Moreover, there is the Diamond Seal valve, which ensures years of top-notch performance.

5- Brizo 62536LF-RB Tresa

The Brizo 62536LF Tresa features a traditional, yet timeless design. The creators looked back to the Victorian era for inspiration and used the elements from the earliest European fountains to design the form of this faucet. So, in a way, this faucet reunites us with the past, while also incorporating modern innovations.

The faucet features a long, curved spout that would look perfect mounted on a bigger sized sink. It’s a bridge type of kitchen faucet that comes with the spout mounted on the bridge between two handles. There’s no integrated spray head that pulls down. Instead, this model comes with a side sprayer that you can install next to the faucet.

The manufacturer has designed the Brizo Teresa to bring you years of reliable performance. It delivers that with the solid brass construction and ceramic cartridges.

About the Brizo Brand

Brizo was launched in 2004, so it’s a relatively new brand. However, over the years, they’ve created a name for themselves as a reliable premium brand. One of the things that stand out about Brizo is that they don’t see faucets as just simple fittings, but they think of them as works of art. This enables them to create the most stunning designs that bring fashion to where you dwell.

Their luxury faucets are offered on the market in distinctive designs that are created with their own style and purpose. Behind each faucet, there’s a story and meticulous craftsmanship.

Brizo is also backed by the service of the Delta Faucet company. However, even though it’s even housed within Delta’s world headquarters, it’s not the same company and Brizo still maintains a separate identity. They have a separate team that is dedicated to creating the Brizo’s designs, development and marketing.

Brizo Kitchen Faucets Advantages

  • All of their faucets are fashion statements. Every faucet Brizo design is an inspired work of art that the brand designs with fashion-forward thinking. Each of the faucets can become a beautiful masterpiece in any kitchen.
  • Variety of finishes. It’s always good to have at least a few finishes to choose from, so you can match the fixture to your existing decor. Brizo faucets are available in the most popular finishes, such chrome, stainless, polished nickel and Venetian bronze. There are also more unique finishes if you want to make your faucet stand out.
  • Brilliance finishes. Brizo uses high quality finishes to make sure that the faucet maintains its beauty over time.
  • Durably built. All faucets are manufactured with a solid brass body, so there are no plastic parts that could potentially break.
  • Water efficiency. Most of Brizo’s faucets meet or exceed CALGreen standards, delivering maximum water efficiency while maintaining a good user experience.
  • MagneDock technology. The pull-down designs use the patented magnetic docking system, which secures the wand inside the spout and creates a seamless look.
  • Diamond Seal valves. This technology gives the valve a lifespan of up to 5 million uses. It uses a special diamond coating, which protects the valve and makes sure that there are no metal parts exposed to water.
  • Limited lifetime warranty. It includes all parts (except for the electronic parts and batteries) and finishes. So if there are any defects in material or workmanship, you can contact the customer support. The electronic parts are warranted for 5 years. If you’ll be installing the faucet for commercial use, the warranty also lasts only 5 years.

Bottom Line

Brizo products might not be entry-level faucets and they do require a higher investment. However, they are for those that are looking for maximum elegance and sophistication in their kitchen faucet. Each faucet Brizo manufactures with top quality and modern features, so your investment will last for many years. Also, as we’ve mentioned in our Brizo faucet reviews above, the company also provides the limited lifetime warranty that shows that these faucets are designed to last as long as possible. So hopefully, our reviews have helped you to find the perfect addition to your kitchen decor.

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