Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucets (Reviews Of Top 6 Picks In 2022)

Pull out kitchen faucets are a great way of transforming your sink into a multifunctional work zone. They feature a short spout with a retractable hose that can be pulled out for performing close-up tasks of rinsing or filling pots. When shopping for a new pull out kitchen faucet, you’ll find a wide range of features, designs and finishes. In this handy guide, we’ve gathered some of the best pull out kitchen faucets that are available on the market in 2022. These products offer great features, high quality and amazing functionality. Below the pull out kitchen faucet reviews, you can also check out our buying guide on how to choose the best product for your needs.

Top 6 Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

  1. Pfister G13310SS
  2. Kohler K-10433-G Forte
  3. VCCUCINE Pull Out Faucet
  4. Kohler K-15160-G Coralais
  5. Ufaucet Pull Out Kitchen Sink Faucet
  6. Delta 4197-AR-DST Cassidy

1- Pfister G13310SS

If you’re looking for a high quality pull out kitchen faucet that won’t break your budget, check out the Pfister G13310SS Pfister Series model. It combines versatility with a timeless look, provided with the quality of one of the most reputable brands in the industry.

The body of the faucet is made of brass that meets the low-lead regulations. The faucet is also covered with a heavily plated finish that has good resistance to corrosion and discoloration. It also offers a good variety of finishes: polished chrome, stainless steel, Tuscan bronze, and white. All the finishes look stylish and such variety makes it possible to fit the fixture in different kitchen decors.

The pull out spray is attached to the spout on a retractable 38” nylon hose. This gives you all the extra reach that you need. For example, you can easily reach those large pots or pans that don’t fit inside the sink, so you need to fill them on the countertop.

Moreover, the spout has a reach of 8-13/16” and it has a 180-degree swivel, which gives you more access to all sides of the sink. So what you get are maximum reach and maximum maneuverability.

The spray head features a switch that allows to easily toggle between the spray and stream modes. You can quickly switch from one function to another if you’re performing different tasks. The water flow at 60 psi is 1.75 GPM, so it meets the water conservation regulations. It’s also ASME, CSA and ADA certified.

You can mount this pull out faucet either on a single hole or you can use a deckplate for a 3-hole installation. All the necessary hardware is included in the package of the product and even a non-professional can handle the installation task.

2- Kohler K-10433-G Forte

The Kohler K-10433-G Forte comes in a graceful design and offers high durability and exceptional functionality.

The manufacturer uses premium materials for this faucet, which makes it reliable and durable. The finish offers protection from corrosion and tarnishing. The many finish options (brushed and polished chrome, vibrant brushed bronze and nickel, vibrant stainless) also make it a versatile faucet, which can easily blend into various kitchen settings.

The single-lever design offers convenient control of the water flow and temperature. It also allows you to choose the temperature that you use most often and the faucet will remember it for future use. There’s also the high-temperature control feature, so you can prevent getting your hands scalded by setting a high-temperature limit.

The Promotion technology designed by Kohler makes it easier and smoother to pull out and retract back the spray head. Depending on the task at hand, you can press the button on the spray head and switch to either stream or spray mode. The spray face also features a special design that withstands mineral buildup and makes it easier to keep clean.

Whether you’ll be using 1-hole or 3-hole configuration, all the necessary parts are provided. It also includes the escutcheon, so you can cover the base of the faucet to give it a more refined look.

The Forte pull out kitchen faucet also offers more spout reach and more spout clearance than the Pfister model. It reaches 10-⅛” and has the height of 10-5/16”. So it gives you more space to place beneath the faucet bigger pots and pans, as well as gives more maneuverability to reach all areas of the sink.

3- VCCUCINE Pull Out Faucet

The most affordable model on our list of the best pull out kitchen faucets is the Vccucine. It’s also made of high quality materials and designed with precision engineering.

The combination of the solid brass construction, leak-preventing ceramic disc valves and corrosion and tarnish resistant finish, all contribute to the durability of this pull out kitchen faucet.

It’s a smaller pull out kitchen faucet that has a spout reach of only 6.3” and the spout height is 6.1”. The size is an important feature to consider since the faucet should be proportional to the kitchen sink. A small faucet on a big sink just might look odd. There’s also only one finish to choose from, which is brushed nickel. So even though it’s a versatile finish, it might not be the best for all kitchen decors.

The sprayer pulls out and swivels 360 degrees, giving you more room for carrying out various kitchen sink activities. You can operate it either in the stream mode for quick filling pots and pans or in the spray mode for cleaning dishes with more forceful pressure. To switch between the two, you just need to press the button on the sprayer.

The package includes the faucet itself, the mounting hardware and the installation instructions. However, keep in mind that if you have a 3-hole sink and would like to install this faucet, you will need to purchase the escutcheon separately.

4- Kohler K-15160-G Coralais

The Kohler K-15160-G Coralais is a single handle pull-out kitchen faucet that is designed to resist wear and provide maximum easy use.

The premium construction is covered with a corrosion and tarnish resistant finish. There are in total 9 finish options available to the buyer: from brushed and polished chrome to biscuit and white colors. So it’s a great choice for a variety of kitchen styles, both traditional and contemporary.

The single lever makes it easy to adjust the water flow with just one hand. It also eliminates the need to adjust the temperature every time you turn the faucet on. Instead, when you turn the faucet on, it remembers the temperature set during prior usage. There’s also the high-temperature limit if you want to make sure that no one in your household gets their hands scalded.

The spray head that features a pull out design has touch-control of the functions: stream and spray. The ergonomic sprayer allows reaching the entire sink. The swivel ball joint that attaches the sprayer and the hose provides smooth and comfortable control. Moreover, there are finger grips on the sprayer that offer a good grip even if when wet.

5- Ufaucet Pull Out Kitchen Sink Faucet

Another affordable pull out faucet option is this Ufaucet model. It comes in a durable design that will provide drip-free functional performance for life.

It’s built with a solid brass body that features a lead-free waterway. The reliable ceramic cartridges are tested to withstand 500,000 times of opening and closing the faucet. The faucet is also tested at high water pressure levels, ensuring durability even with heavy-duty use.

The Ufaucet features a 3-section design, which was engineered for maximum durability. The top and bottom parts of the fixture are fixed, while the middle section can rotate 360 degrees. So if you have a double bowl sink, you can easily swivel the spout between the left and right basins.

The pull out wand stretches out on a 20-inch flexible hose. This should give you enough reach to all the edges of your undermount or drop-in sink. You can also toggle between spray and stream functions, depending on if you need to rinse or quickly fill something up.

It requires hassle-free installation with all the necessary parts included with the faucet package. It also comes with an escutcheon, so you have both options: 1 and 3-hole configuration.

6- Delta 4197-AR-DST Cassidy

If you’re looking for a combination of a classic design and modern technology, consider the Delta 4197-AR-DST Cassidy pull out kitchen faucet. It’s designed with features to perform like new for life and comes in a style to become the centerpiece of any kitchen.

The stylish design offers timeless elegance. The color options include Venetian and champagne bronze, arctic steel, chrome and polished nickel. With any of these colors, the faucet will look great in various kitchen settings.

The faucet has good spout reach, extending 10-1/16 inches from the base. It also swivels 120 degrees, so you can turn it left or right to get more reach on both sides of the sink. The pull out spray head is connected on a 54-inch braided hose. In a retracted position, the sprayer is kept securely in place using a MagnaTite docking system. It features a powerful magnet, so the wand can stay in place and not start dangling.

Delta has also included in this faucet their Diamond Seal technology. The diamond coated ceramic cartridge makes it easier to install the Delta fixture and also helps to prevent leaks. The faucet fits both 1 and 3-hole sinks. For the 3-hole option, you will need to mount it on an escutcheon that is sold separately.

Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Choosing the right pull out kitchen faucet will ensure that your fixture will perfectly fit your kitchen decor and will have a long life of drip-free performance. So if you find the vast variety of available options too overwhelming, here’s a guide to help you understand what to look for when shopping for these faucets.


Even though most of the pull-out kitchen faucets come in a single-handle design, there are also a few double-lever options. In our opinion, the single-lever design has a cleaner look. If you have a 1-hole sink, you also don’t need to drill any extra holes for the installation. You just mount the faucet right on top. They also have temperature memory, so it remembers the prior used temperature and you don’t need to make any adjustments during your next use.

Dual-lever faucets, on the other hand, offer more precision when adjusting the water temperature.

So just consider which design you’d find the most ergonomic and the most appealing.


Another feature to take into account is the overall style of the fixture. It can be traditional. It can be modern or contemporary. Just make sure that it fits the decor of your kitchen and your personal preferences.


Pull-out kitchen faucets, unlike pull-down fixtures, are mostly designed with short spouts. Pull-down kitchen faucets usually offer more clearance underneath the fixture, which allows them to easily fit their big pots and pans. Due to the short spout design on the pull-out faucets, you might not be able to fit big pots underneath it, but you’ll be able to use the pull-out wand to fill pots sitting on the nearest countertop.

You should also take into account the spout reach and the overall size of the faucet. The pull-out kitchen faucet should be proportional to your sink. If it’s too small or too large, it just might look off.

Water Consumption

Make sure that the faucet meets the water flow guidelines for conserving water at home. It should not exceed 2.5 GPM. The kitchen faucets, as well as bathroom faucets, usually use an aerator. So while they limit the water flow to a lower level, they also provide sufficient water pressure for your everyday washing tasks.


The installation process should be very straightforward. You should be able to handle it yourself, even if you don’t have any plumbing skills. Also, check that the faucet includes everything you’ll need for the installation.

Advantages Of Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

  1. Longer hose. In comparison to pull-down faucets, the pull-out type usually has a longer hose. So you get enough reach not only to all the corners of the sink but also to the nearest countertop. This way if the pots don’t fit in the sink, you can just pull out the sprayer and fill up the pot placed on the countertop.
  2. Ideal for smaller sinks. If you have a small kitchen with a compact sink, a pull-out faucet will be a great option for you. They have much shorter spouts compared to pull-down fixtures. So they take minimum space and look better on small sinks.
  3. Less splashing. Thanks to the very flexible spray head, you have better control of the water flow direction. This results in less splash around your sink area.

Disadvantages Of Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

Due to the short spout design, you might not be able to fit taller pots in the sink. This might make it difficult to fill them with water or wash them.

Common Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Problems

While a pull-out kitchen faucet can become a great addition to a kitchen sink, there’s always the chance of problems arising with its performance. This doesn’t mean that pull-out faucets are a bad investment. However, it’s important to understand the most common problems and how to troubleshoot them, so you can be prepared for the future.

  • The hose does not retract. Even though you might not be pulling out the sprayer every time you wash something, it will eventually start to wear down. As a result, the hose can become loose and it may be difficult to retract the wand back into its original position. Some manufacturers have come up with a solution to this problem by adding weight to the hose to pull it back.
  • Fraying tubes. The repeated action of pulling out and retracting the sprayer, after some time will lead to the fraying of the tubes. This, in turn, can lead to leaks. If this problem occurs, you should replace the tubes with the right parts.
  • The sprayer doesn’t sit properly. This is usually the result of it wearing down. To avoid this issue, look for faucets that have a magnetic docking system since magnets don’t wear out.
  • Leaks. It can result from either faulty installation or damaged parts. So first, establish the cause of the leak and then find the appropriate solution.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this list of the best pull-out kitchen faucets has helped you in deciding which fixture would fit your needs and complement your kitchen decor. To choose the right product, it’s important to check out pull-out kitchen faucet reviews to understand what are the advantages of various models. Don’t forget to consider also different brands, styles, and costs.

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