Widespread vs Centerset Faucets

Choosing the right faucet for your kitchen remodel is crucial. Kitchen faucets have to stand up to daily wear and tear during your dishwashing and other sink tasks. At the same time, they should look great and compliment your kitchen decor. When it comes to types of faucets, centerset and widespread are two popular choices. Each has its own advantages. If you’re not sure if widespread or centerset faucet will work best for your kitchen or bathroom, here’s a short explanation of these two types.

1- What Is a Centerset Faucet?

The centerset faucet is the most common type of faucet, especially in the bathroom. So when you’ll be shopping for your new fixture, there’ll be plenty of options to choose from. The centerset faucets are also sometimes called the mini-spread or a 4-inch spread faucet.

They are made for basins with three holes – one of them is designated for the spout and the two others for the handles. So while the faucets come in one unit, it comprises of three connected elements – the spout and two handles that are 4 inches apart. There are also some centerset faucets that have the spout and two handles mounted on a 6-inch deckplate.

This type of faucet is a perfect choice for homeowners that have small bathroom space as most of these fixtures are usually more compact. It’s also a great choice for those that want the functionality of a two-handle faucet, but don’t have space for a widespread faucet. However, there are also single-handle designs of centerset faucets

To decide if this configuration will fit your sink, measure the distance between the handles of your existing faucet. This will help you determine the proper replacement size. This fixture also looks best mounted on a drop-in sink and doesn’t work well on undermount kitchen sinks.

2- What Is a Widespread Faucet?

Widespread faucets, unlike centerset, have 3 separate parts – the spout and handles. They are individually mounted onto the sink or countertop without using a deckplate. For this configuration, you’ll need three pre-drilled holes in your sink or countertop. It offers more installation flexibility since you can mount it on holes that are 8 to 16 inches apart. This is the distance between the center of the two farthest holes.

The connections are hidden under the counter, creating an appearance like all the elements are not related to the spout or each other.

This type is ideal for larger sink areas where a smaller faucet would just get lost in a more spacious setting.

3- What Is a Mini Widespread Faucet?

Mini-widespread faucets differ from standard widespread fixtures by the distance between the handle holes. These faucets have the handles installed 4 inches apart, adding elegance to a countertop through minimalism. So it’s a perfect choice if you want the more stylish design of the widespread type but doesn’t have much sink space.

When choosing between widespread and centerset faucets, consider your existing sink configuration, available space and existing decor.

If your sink has only one mounting hole, you’d probably just want to install a centerset faucet. This will save you the hassle of drilling more holes for the widespread fixtures. It’s extra hassle and cost. Moreover, you might in the future decide to install a single lever 1-hole faucet. In such case, with 3 holes, you’ll need to use a deck plate to cover the extra two holes.

Consider also the available space that you have of your kitchen or bathroom sink area. Widespread faucets usually take up more space, unless you install a mini widespread faucet.

Don’t forget also the style. Widespread faucets usually have a more impressive look. However, it’s all about preference.

Fakrul Islam

I am a plumber and faucet reviewer by heart. I have been in the business for over 2 years and I have seen about every type of faucet on the market. I started this blog as a way to share my knowledge and help people make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a faucet for their homes.