Moen Faucet Reviews – Top 5 Best Rated Models

Moen for many years has been one of the best faucet brands in North America. With over 75 years of experience, they’ve brought to the market a lot of innovations. Moreover, the company’s faucets are known for their high quality and stunning designs. Their product line includes faucets in different shapes and sizes, designed to fit various consumer needs. So you’ll probably be able to find something for yourself as well. In this article, we’ve compiled the best Moen faucet reviews.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Reviews

  1. Moen Arbor 7594SRS
  2. Moen Brantford 7185C
  3. Moen 5923SRS Align
  4. Moen 7430 Chateau
  5. Moen Caldwell CA87888

1- Moen Arbor 7594SRS

This kitchen faucet is part of the Moen’s Arbor collection and it’s the best rated option among all Moen kitchen faucets. It’s well designed, made of durable materials and offers plenty of functionality.

The faucet features fluid lines and curves, which gives the design an elegant touch. The metal construction provides durability. And the spot resist stainless finish makes it easier to maintain the faucet clean. It resists water spots and fingerprints, reducing the required cleaning work. Other finish options include chrome, matte black and oil-rubbed bronze.

This is a pull-down kitchen faucet, meaning that the spray head detaches from the spout and can be pulled into the sink for carrying out up-close tasks. The spray head is attached on a 68-inch hose, giving you lots of maneuverability around your sink area. It also uses a Reflex system that makes sure that the extension and retraction of the spray head are done very smoothly. After use, when it’s returned to its original position in the spout, the wand is securely docked in place.

The Moen Arbor 7594SRS faucet also offers extra functionality by providing several modes. There’s the aerated stream that you can use for filling pots or everyday cleaning. There’s also the powerful rinse mode for when you need more pressure when doing the heavy-duty cleaning. You can also switch to the Power Boost, which provides boosted water performance and makes filling pots and cleaning much faster.

You can mount the faucet on a 1 or 3 hole sink or countertop. Moen has designed a Duralock quick connect system, which makes the installation process a breeze. The product package comes with all the installation hardware and clear instructions.

2- Moen Brantford 7185C

The Moen Brantford features an enhanced curvature of the body and handle, which gives it an interesting and beautiful look. It can nicely fit in a traditionally styled kitchen but can also become a luxurious-looking centerpiece of a modern setting.

It’s made of high grade metal, so you can expect a long life of the faucet. You can also get this faucet with the spot resist finish if you want an easier to maintain fixture. However, if you want to match this Brantford to other fixtures in your kitchen, it also comes in chrome and oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

This kitchen faucet also features a pull-down design. The 68-inch hose gives more reach to all the corners of your kitchen sink. With this much reach, you can also extend the spray head to fill any pots and pans that don’t fit inside the sink.

The Reflex system makes it easy to extend and retract the hose, as well as provides a wide range of effortless motion of the spray head. It also helps to easily retract the wand back to its docked position, where it’s kept securely in place.

There’s a button on the spray wand that allows switching between the 4 functions of the faucet. You can use the aerated stream or switch to the more powerful rinse. If you need even more power, you can use the boosted spray or the boosted stream.

The Duralock installation system allows mounting the faucet on your sink or countertop in just one simple step. You also don’t need any additional installation tools, the system comes complete for the installation. It can be installed through 1 hole for a cleaner look of the sink area or through 3 holes using the included escutcheon.

3- Moen 5923SRS Align

If you want a restaurant-style kitchen faucet, Moen offers the 5923SRS Align model. Its contemporary style can refresh any kitchen decor, while the performance can bring in-demand functionality.

Same as the other Moen kitchen faucets, this model is made of durable metal. There are also a few finishes that you can choose so that it matches your existing kitchen setting. There’s the spot resist stainless finish with good resistance to water spots and fingerprints, the chrome finish with a mirror-like look and the matte black finish with a more dramatic look of the faucet.

This faucet comes with the high spout among the models on this list. It measures 22.5″, so you can easily fill and clean large cookware under the faucet. It also creates more unobstructed space around the sink, giving you easy access to the area.

The pull-down wand is connected on a 68-inch flexible hose. This gives you an incredible amount of movement. The spray wand also effortlessly swivels, so you can direct the water flow to any side of the sink area. Once you’re done using the pull-down, it smoothly retracts back and stays securely docked in place.

The spray wand can function in two modes: stream and rinse. The rinse features Power Clean technology that provides more spray power while containing the splash. You can easily switch between the two modes by clicking the button on the spray head.

It can be mounted on most sinks and countertop, whether you have one or three pre-drilled holes. The faucet is also designed with the Duralock system. So the installation is a simple DIY project.

4- Moen 7430 Chateau

The Moen 7430 Chateau is for those that prefer a no-frills faucet. It’s the most affordable option on our reviews list but still comes in a nice design and reliable performance.

Its simple design would fit better in a more conventional kitchen. It might not become the centerpiece of your kitchen, but it will nicely blend with the decor. You can buy it in either chrome or brushed chrome finish. Chrome works with almost any decorating style. However, it might not match if your kitchen fixtures are of other colors.

It offers only a single mode of an aerated stream, which should be sufficient for a variety of kitchen tasks. However, there’s also a side spray that you can extend for carrying out tasks in and around the sink.

This faucet’s spout is on the lower side. The height measures just 8.5 inches. So it might be difficult to fit inside the sink larger pots and pans. Also, this faucet works better for smaller sinks as the dimensions would be more compatible.

With the Duralock Quick Connect system, all you need to do for the installation is to connect the water lines. You’ll need 4 pre-drilled holes to mount this faucet.

5- Moen Caldwell CA87888

The Moen Caldwell CA87888 offers a more classic look with its centerset design, high arc spout and two handles. The soft curves of the faucet give it an uncomplicated, yet stylish look. It comes from the Caldwell collection, so you can get matching faucets for your bathroom sink and shower.

It features a two-lever design, so you can make more precise temperature adjustments than with a single-lever design. On the flip side, this type of faucets does take up more space of the sink area and creates a less clean look.

It’s available only in one finish option: chrome. So the faucet might not work for any kitchen but this highly reflective finish does work well with a variety of decorating styles.

It’s a 1-function faucet, meaning that the spout produces only a stream of water flow. However, this Moen kitchen faucet also includes a side spray. You can use it when you need more water power to rinse off dishes or when you need more reach to wash or fill pots and pans.

The installation is done using the Moen’s Duralock Quick Connect system. Most people are able to complete it without any plumbing knowledge. Keep in mind that this faucet requires 4-hole installation. If you have just one pre-drilled hose in your kitchen sink, it might be better to look at other models.

Moen History

It all started in 1937 with Al Moen. By accidentally burning his hands with an old-fashioned two-handle faucet, he got the inspiration for designing a single-lever faucet. It took a couple of years to create the final design and by 1947 they started the manufacturing.

Later, they’ve also introduced a boutique line of faucets and patented the washer-free cartridge.

In 1997, Moen introduced the LifeShine finish, which is supposed to stay untarnished for decades. Moen is also the first brand to offer a lifetime warranty for the faucet’s finish.

Over the years, Moen continued to bring lots of innovation to the market. They designed a faucet that combines a filtration system and a pull-down spray head. They were one of the first to introduce the touchless kitchen faucets with Motion Sense technology.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Benefits

Moen offers a variety of great kitchen faucets, from traditional to modern designs. They offer innovative, efficient technologies and a lot more. If you’re not sure if Moen is a good brand, here are a few of its benefits to consider.

Infinite Styles

With a long history on the market, Moen has managed to create a vast selection of designs that fit all interior and kitchen styles.

Excellent Customer Support

If you’ll have an issue with your faucet, you can contact the company’s customer support and they can offer you a replacement or other help with your product. They are usually quick and very helpful with their responses.

Available Replacement Parts

When buying from a big brand like Moen, you won’t have to search far and wide to find a replacement part for your faucet. Moen’s replacement parts are easy to find either on its official website, on Amazon or hardware stores.


Moen is continuously working on bringing the best innovations to the kitchen faucet market. Over the years, they’ve introduced to the market quite a few technologies that make their faucets more durable and more efficient. Below are some of their most outstanding technologies.

  • MotionSense Technology. This technology provides hands-free convenience for your kitchen sink tasks. It uses a sensor to detect any hand movement in front of the faucet and uses that to activate the water flow.

  • Power Clean. It offers a powerful, concentrated spray, providing more efficient cleaning power. The result is faster cleanup with less water used. Moreover, unlike many other pull-down faucets, it contains the splash of the spray, minimizing the mess.
  • Power Boost. The technology provides boosted performance of both stream and spray function. So again, it allows faster cleanup, but also provides faster filling pots and pitchers.
  • Reflex Pull-Down. The Reflex system is used on pull-down kitchen faucets. It provides the flexibility of the hose for easy maneuverability around the sink area and secure retraction of the spray head without much hand effort.
  • Spot Resist Finish. This finish technology provides resistance to fingerprints and water spots. It can make your everyday life easier as you can return the faucet’s brilliant look in seconds by just quickly wiping it with a soft cloth.
  • Duralock Quick Connect system. Moen made the installation of their faucets as easy as possible. All you need to do is connect faucet’s supply lines and the faucet is ready for use.

Moen Warranty

Moen faucets offer the highest standards of quality and workmanship. The brand is sure of the quality they offer and so they warrant it with their lifetime limited warranty. You can follow the link to find out more details about what is covered by the warranty. It covers any leaks, as well as defects in parts and finish of the faucet. However, if the kitchen faucet is purchased for commercial or industrial use, the warranty period is only 5 years.

How To Choose the Right Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Faucet Style

To avoid the kitchen decor clashing with the style of your faucet, it’s best if they would match. Faucets come in a variety of styles: modern, traditional and transitional. Choose the style that would compliment your existing kitchen setting or become its beautiful centerpiece.

Faucet Type

  1. Single-lever. It offers a more modern and clean look. There’s also the convenience of single-handle operation as one lever controls both hot and cold water.
  2. Two-handle. This design is for those who prefer a more classic look. The two-handle water temperature control also has its benefits. It makes it easier getting the temperature and water flow just right.
  3. Touchless. These faucets still come with a lever but allow to control the water flow without touching the faucet. It offers more convenient faucet control and also helps to keep it clean.

Arc Height

The faucet height is an important factor to take into account when buying a new Moen kitchen faucet. For example, if you have low hanging cabinets above your kitchen sink, you should look for a low arc spout. However, if you always need to fit large pots and pans in the sink, you’d find more useful a high arc spout design.

Pull-Down/Pull-Out/Side Spray

Having an extending spray head gives you a lot more maneuverability around your kitchen sink area. You can rinse down the corners of the sink or fill up pots on the countertop.

Moen Faucet Installation

Before selecting a certain faucet, you should know your sink and countertop setup. Check how many holes you have in your sink and look for a faucet with the same configuration.

Most of the modern faucets are designed for 1-hole installation. It creates a cleaner and nicer look. However, if you have a 3-hole sink, you can still install such faucets. You’ll just need to use an escutcheon.

Bottom Line

Buying from one of the largest faucet manufacturers, you can be sure that you’re getting a high quality faucet. And the Moen’ limited lifetime warranty is there to back it up. I hope you found our Moen faucet reviews helpful in your search for the perfect faucet. Before making a purchasing decision it’s good to read reviews to understand what the product has to offer, to compare designs and also check Moen faucet ratings.

If you’re not certain if Moen is the right faucet manufacturer for you, check out other popular brands, such as Kohler and Delta. We’ve also compiled a detailed Moen vs Delta comparison, as well as Moen vs Delta vs Kohler comparison.

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