Grohe Faucet Reviews (Buying Guide 2022)

With over seven decades of successful work, Grohe has built a dependable reputation in Europe and the rest of the world. The brand has won plenty of innovation and design awards. Their faucets are made from the highest quality materials and are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Grohe does an excellent job of creating faucets that can stand up to the demands of a modern kitchen, while also providing a look that everyone loves. Grohe offers a wide selection of kitchen faucets. However, if you want the best of the best, here are Grohe faucet reviews of the 5 most popular products in 2022. They have the best ratings, cool features and plenty of positive user reviews.

Grohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Grohe Concetto 32665001

The most popular and best rated Grohe kitchen faucet is the Concetto 32665001 model. This faucet combines a stunning look, ergonomic design and an affordable price. It comes in a minimalist design, providing a dynamic and clean look. Add to that single-point installation and a single-lever design, so this faucet looks great in any contemporary kitchen setting.

It features an all-brass body, offering reliability for years to come. For extra wear resistance, it’s equipped with the SilkMove cartridge located inside the faucet’s handle. It consists of durable ceramic discs that are machined with the highest standards. Moreover, the discs are coated with a special Teflon lubricant. It provides friction-free movement and effortless control of the water volume and temperature.

It comes in two distinct finishes: silver and StarLight chrome. The silver finish has a matte look, while the StarLight chrome offers a high-gloss, lustrous look. The latter also repels dirt and water spots, as well as prevents tarnish and scratches.

It’s a pull-down kitchen faucet, so you get the extra versatility of an extending spray head. There’s a diverter on the spray wand that allows switching between the regular water flow function and spray.

The high arc spout that measures 15-1/16 inches in height gives plenty of room for placing big pots and pans under the faucet. The spout swivel also has a 360-degree radius, so you can rotate it full circle in any direction.

You’ll find the installation a very simple and straightforward process. The package comes with everything ready for the installation, including the flexible hoses. The system comprises of just a few parts and you’ll be provided with clear instructions on how to set it up.

Grohe K7 31380DC0

The Grohe K7 comes in a restaurant-style design and offers professional-level features. It’s a commercial grade product that can become the perfect assistant to home chefs. The faucet is ergonomic, efficient and highly reliable, but it does come at a higher cost than most other Grohe kitchen faucets.

This kitchen faucet is offered in the same two finishes as Concetto: StarLight chrome and SuperSteel. Both are durable finishes but provide a different level of luster. Chrome is glossy, while the SuperSteel is matte.

The K7 stands 21.5 inches tall, so you can easily place any large pots or pans in the sink when you need to fill them up or clean. The spout can be rotated 140 degrees. It allows easy access to the fixture from both sink basins.

You can detach the spray head and pull it down in the sink for performing any up-close cleaning tasks. The high arc spout and the pull-down design also allow carrying out tasks outside of the sink. For example, you can fill any pots that don’t fit inside the sink by just placing them on the counter beside it.

The dual-function spray head features a button, so you can transition back and forth between the spray and stream modes.

It also comes with the Grohe’s SilkMove technology, meaning that the faucet is equipped with a ceramic disc cartridge that features Teflon coating. It combines durability, effortless control of the water and backsplash prevention. This technology is actually incorporated into all of Grohe’s single handle kitchen faucets.

Grohe Essence 30295000

The Grohe Essense kitchen faucet is one of the newest semi-professional designs from the brand. It offers minimalist beauty and professional performance. It’s available in the same two StarLight chrome and SuperSteel finishes. Both are durable, well-maintained over time and would look amazing in any contemporary kitchen decor.

The 20-7/8 inches spout provides an ample amount of space under the faucet. You can easily fill or wash big pots and pans without struggling to fit them in.

This faucet offers lots of flexibility. First of all, you can rotate the spout in any direction. It swivels 360 degrees, so you can switch between two basins of your sink. You can even access the faucet from behind if you install it on a kitchen island. Secondly, the spray head pulls down on a flexible hose. This hose features an innovative Santoprene surface, which is a more hygienic alternative to the traditional spring-style hoses.

The hose is also equipped with a 360-degree turnable spring. This allows turning the pull-down spray head in any direction and provides you with maximum sink area coverage.

The faucet’s spray arm features an integrated magnet. When not in use, just bring the spray head close to the spray arm and the magnet will return it to its original position for seamless docking.

Depending on the kitchen chores at hand, you can switch to either a powerful shower jet or a fine spray jet. To switch between one and the other, you just need to press the button on the spray wand.

This Grohe kitchen faucet is designed for easy installation. There are only a few parts that you need to set up and the product comes with clear instructions that you’ll find very easy to follow.

Grohe Minta 31378000

Another great pull-down kitchen faucet from Grohe is the Minta 31378000. It’s a contemporary faucet that comes in a single-lever, high arc spout design. The simple, yet elegant style can make this faucet the perfect finishing touch of any modern kitchen.

The 15-1/8 inches height of the spout allows accommodating even the largest pots in the sink. There’s a 360-degree swivel of the spout, so you can comfortably switch between two basins of your sink.

You can pull down the spray wand if you need to fill pots or clean the sink. In the default mode, it provides a fine spray jet but by pressing a button, you can switch to a more powerful spray jet.

The spray head is kept in place using the EasyDock system. It includes a flexible hose for easy maneuverability of the spray head and a small counterweight for retracting the wand back into the spout.

The kitchen faucet also comes with the integrated SilkMove cartridge, so you can easily control the lever even after years of use.

You can install this faucet with minimal fuss. Grohe designed a system that requires fewer and less complicated parts. So following the provided instructions, you can have this faucet mounted and ready to use in a blink of an eye.

Grohe Eurodisc 33330001

For those who are looking for a pull-out kitchen faucet, there’s the Grohe Eurodisc model. With a height of 7-3/16 inches, it’s a much lower faucet than the previously mentioned Grohe products. It works great for situations when you have low hanging cabinets over the sink or when installing it under a window.

The solid brass body and the StarLight chrome finish are made to withstand years of use. The finish keeps its high-gloss look and doesn’t easily show water spots, scratches and tarnish. Alternatively, you can get this same faucet with the stainless steel finish.

Unlike the above mentioned faucets, Eurodisc doesn’t rotate full circle. It swivels only 140 degrees. This is still enough to move the spout between two sinks. Also, this swivel limit can prevent the faucet from hitting any surrounding cupboards or walls. So if you’re installing this Grohe faucet on a sink in front of a wall, you will not find the 140-degree swivel limiting at all.

If you need more reach of the faucet, you can pull out the spray head. It provides a more focused spray for when you need to clean all the nooks of the sink or more up-close power for cleaning cookware. There are two different spray types: a regular spray and a more powerful one.

It’s worth mentioning that this model has received quite a few both negative and positive reviews, so it’s not at the top of our recommendations. Some of the negative reviews mention the low water pressure. Others found that when you swivel the arm of the faucet, it makes the whole body rotate, including the base under the sink. Also, a few other users received a faulty spray head, so they had to continuously press the button to have it in spray mode.

Grohe LadyLux3 Cafe

The last Grohe kitchen faucet on our list is the single-handle, pull-down LadyLux3 model. It’s a well designed faucet but it seems to have a few setbacks. So even though this is one of the most popular Grohe faucets, we would recommend looking at other models. Lately, the LadyLux3 seems to be getting quite a few negative reviews, commenting on its poor built quality and with a lot of the users experiencing leaks with the faucet.

Nevertheless, here are the main features of this Grohe model.

It features clean lines, a graceful arc and an overall seamless design. However, it’s not just elegant, it’s also very functional.

This model is available in a variety of colors. In addition to the standard StarLight chrome and Super Steel Infinity, you can get this kitchen faucet made of solid stainless steel. All of these options feature a special surface that should stay tarnish and scratch-free for years to come.

The faucet also features the latest technologies that provide convenience, efficient performance and durability. First of all, the SilkMove cartridge easy control of the lever. Then, there’s the QuickFix installation, which is a system that makes the whole process a breeze.

The pull-down wand can operate in either regular flow or spray mode. There’s a toggle switch on the spray head for switching between these two functions without turning off the water.

About Grohe Company

Grohe is a global brand that has been in business since 1911. Its headquarters are located in Dusseldorf, Germany, and their products are sold in over 130 countries.

Grohe has a made reputation mainly due to their bathroom fixtures, which include bathroom faucets and shower heads. The company has received plenty of rewards for their innovation and design. Since they are based in Germany, the company works hard to meet the expectations of the “Made in Germany” imprint of quality.

There are a few conflicting reports about Grohe’s quality and customer support. However, the company’s website features a simple form that you can fill out to make a claim.

Benefits Of Grohe Kitchen Faucets

The users seem to have a love-hate relationship with Grohe kitchen faucets. While there are some models that have high ratings and lots of positive Grohe faucet reviews, there are also other faucets that don’t seem to be performing that well. Although Grohe makes a strong emphasis on the quality of their products, there are some reviews demonstrating the opposite. So before making a buying decision, make sure to check out the user reviews for any specific model.

Nevertheless, the company is continuously working on engineering new technologies. Their most prominent technologies include the SilkMove cartridges and the StarLight finish.

The SilkMove technology is integrated into all of Grohe’s single-handle kitchen faucets. The cartridge discs are made of ceramic alloy and have a polished mirror-like surface. Moreover, it’s coated with Teflon lubrication. This technology promises smooth operation of the handle for many years of use.

The StarLight chrome finish is a unique plating on the faucets. Grohe uses the PVD process. It creates an immaculate surface that is hard and resistant to dirt and scratches.

Grohe Kitchen Faucets Warranty

Grohe offers a limited lifetime warranty for residential installation. It covers any defects of the mechanical parts and finish. The warranty is effective as long as you own the home. However, if you sell your home, it doesn’t transfer to the new owner.

The limited lifetime warranty also doesn’t cover the normal wear and the tear of the fixture. Keep in mind also that Grohe will not honor the warranty if you bought the faucet from a non-authorized seller.

Bottom Line

Grohe works to keep up the high quality standards. They have a good selection of kitchen faucets that are sure to fit most modern kitchen decors. Among the models we’ve mentioned in these Grohe faucet reviews, we especially like the Concetto, K7 and Essence faucets. The other models featured on this list seem to have conflicting user reviews, so we would think twice before buying them. If you will experience any issues with your Grohe kitchen faucet, do remember that they come with a limited lifetime warranty. So in most cases, the company should be able to help you resolve that issue. Overall, we think it’s a good brand, though they don’t have as many great kitchen faucets like some other popular companies, such as Delta or Moen (Moen vs Delta).

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