Grohe 21951000 K7 Review – Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

The Grohe K7 was designed to create a professional look of a home kitchen. It’s a semi-professional kitchen faucet that offers the commercial aesthetic and the compliance with German quality standards. It’s packed with features, looks stylish and sturdy and is made to withstand a lot of daily use. So are you looking for a faucet that will make your kitchen chores quicker and more effective? Is this Grohe faucet exactly what you’re looking for? Keep reading this Grohe 21951000 K7 review to find out what this kitchen faucet has to offer.

Our Review


The K7 line of Grohe faucets was designed with amateur chefs and cooking enthusiasts in mind. This lead to creating a faucet that combines the functional performance that is required in a professional kitchen and the sophisticated design that is a perfect compliment to any modern decor.

Featuring the semi-professional design, the faucet comes with a high arch and a maneuverable spring arm. If you want a more minimalist option, this model is also available in a slightly smaller size. This particular K7 faucet measures 26-9/16 inches in height and has 9-3/16 inches spout reach. The smaller version has a height of 21-1/4 inches. So you can choose the appropriate option according to your existing kitchen setting.

The faucet stands tall over the sink, so keep in mind that it might look oversized on smaller sinks. However, this tall design looks amazing and also provides plenty of space in the sink to perform the cleaning tasks.


The faucet has a well-built feel to it thanks to the brass construction of the body. This material lasts for years without becoming frail. Unlike most pull-down faucets, the spray head on this faucet is made of metal. Very few manufacturers do a metal pull-down head. Usually, if it’s metal, it makes it too heavy to stay in the holder. So the plastic sprayer is an optimal option. However, this faucet comes with a metal sprayer since the heavy-duty spring mechanism helps to keep it securely in place. It’s also covered with a chrome finish, so it perfectly blends with the metal body.

This kitchen faucet is also available in two different finishes. You can choose between chrome and super steel to match it up with your kitchen styling. Both finishes offer high quality protection, keeping the faucet scratch and blemish-free.  The chrome finish also features Grohe’s StarLight technology, which uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver an exceptional surface composition that is harder and more scratch resistant. Moreover, the finishes have good resistance to water spots, making it easier to clean and maintain clean.

Another factor of the durability is the cartridge. And on this faucet, it’s made using the Grohe’s SilkMove technology. It’s made of ceramic alloy discs that have a polished mirror-like surface and which are coated with a special lubricant. This provides a friction-free performance with a smooth and precise control of the water flow.


This semi-pro kitchen faucet is highly maneuverable. To begin with, it swivels 140 degrees, which is perfect for double-basin sink installations. This allows you to easily rotate the spout left and right, depending on the basin you’re working in.

On top of that, the sprayer can be pulled out and brought down deeper into the sink. This gives you a good reach and makes it easier performing up-close tasks. For example, it makes it so much faster washing off the mess from the dishes when you use an up-close spray.

The spray head, which offers smooth 360-degree rotation, can be maneuvered with just one hand. While doing any of your kitchen tasks, you can also switch from the regular stream to an aerated spray function. There’s a toggle button on the sprayer that allows to easily transition from one to another. However, when you turn off the faucet, it will always automatically go back to the stream mode.

Water Flow

This Grohe K7 faucet is equipped with a flow rate limiter. In order to conserve water, it limits the flow to 1.75 GPM. However, if your home has very low water pressuref, you can remove this restrictor and increase the water flow.


The faucet requires easy installation and comes with everything you’ll need for the process. It’s designed for single-hole mounting. It comes with supply lines that you need to attach to the water supply valves under your sink. All the other installation parts are also included, making the whole process a simple plug-and-play.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Heavy, solid construction.
  • Durable finish.
  • Pull-out functionality.
  • Stream and spray modes.
  • Maneuverable spray head.
  • SilkMove cartridge.
  • 140-degree swiveling spout.
  • Adjustable flow rate restrictor.
  • Easy-to-clean nozzles on the spray head.
  • Quick installation.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • A lot of people commented on the water pressure being too low but you have the option of removing the water flow restrictor.
  • The faucet is tall, so make sure that you have enough space above the sink.
  • The faucet can’t be mounted with the handle on the front or left side.
  • A few people had a malfunctioning spray mechanism.
  • Expensive.
  • Only 1-hole installation.

Bottom Line

In all, the Grohe K7 is a heavy-duty semi-pro kitchen faucet. It offers high-end quality, design and features. However, it does also come at a high-end price. The faucet is perfect for modern kitchens that require high functionality. It comes with all the features to make your everyday kitchen tasks easier and quicker.

It’s an excellent faucet, but do keep in mind that this is a tall and heavy faucet. Before buying, make sure that there’s enough space and that your sink is thick enough to support the weight. Also, if there’s one flaw worth mentioning, it’s the water flow. A lot of users had to remove the restrictor in order to get a sufficient water flow. While it is a flaw, it’s also an issue that can be easily fixed. It’s also worth mentioning that there were a few instances of a malfunctioning spray mechanism. In these instances, since Grohe is providing the limited lifetime warranty, you can get a replacement part to fix the issue.

As you can see in this Grohe 21951000 K7 review, the faucet has its benefits and downsides. If you’re looking for a semi-professional faucet, Grohe has another model that is a bit better built and cheaper – the 30295000 Essence.

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