Delta 9113T-AR-DST Essa Review – Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Essa kitchen faucet offers top-notch functionality in a minimalist, modern design. It features a soft, contemporary style and includes all the latest Delta kitchen faucet innovations. The result is a high quality fixture that delivers enhanced reliability and performance. You can take a closer look at what this kitchen faucet has to offer, as well as its advantages and downsides, in our Delta 9113T-AR-DST Essa review below.

Our Review


The Delta Essa takes a modern take on euro design by combining soft lines and subtle detailing accents. However, though modern in style, it can still easily blend with both contemporary and transitional kitchen styles.

The metal construction of the body makes sure that the faucet will work solidly for years to come. As for the finish, Delta offers 4 options. For a more rustic look, there’s the Venetian bronze finish. If you prefer the high-gloss look, there’s the chrome option for you. If you want the faucet to really stand out, you can choose it in the matte black finish. And lastly, there’s the arctic stainless finish that offers a softer shade.

As it’s a pull-down design, the faucet features a graceful high arc spout. It reaches 16 inches in height. So don’t forget to check the space above your sink. Can it accommodate a 16-inch faucet? If you have low hanging cabinets or other elements of decor, it might be better to choose a smaller fixture. For example, pull-out kitchen faucets offer the same functionality as pull-down units but usually come with a lower height.

Pull-Down Wand

This kitchen faucet also offers the functionality of a pull-down spray head. It’s a detachable wand that seamlessly connects to the spout of the faucet and can be pulled down into the sink for more convenient washing or rinsing. The wand is also attached on a 20-inch flexible hose, so once you pull it down, you can easily maneuver it around to get to all the nooks of the sink area.

The spray wand can also function in either regular stream or spray mode. It features a toggle button for switching between the two. It’s very handy having these options because if you need to quickly fill up some water, there’s the regular stream mode but if you need a more forceful water pattern (when you’re rinsing dishes or produce, for example), you can switch to the spray.

When you’re not using the wand, it’s held in place with a powerful magnet integrated into the spout. However, when you want to pull it down, you can just give it a gentle tug and it will easily come off the docking. The advantage of a magnetic docking system is that, unlike other pull-down mechanisms, it doesn’t droop over time.

Touch2O Technology

The Delta Essa uses the company’s patented Touch2O technology. It’s designed to help you keep the faucet in a more sanitary condition. So if you’ve got soapy or messy hands, you don’t want to transfer that onto the faucet. And this technology eliminates this issue by allowing to turn the water on by just touching anywhere on the faucet with your forearm or the back of your hand. Tap it again and the water will stop. You can tap it anywhere on both the body and handle.

This technology works on batteries. It requires 6 AA batteries, which should last about 2 years of operation. Alternatively, you can also connect to AC power but then you need to purchase separately an adapter.

TempSense LED Lights

At the base of the faucet, you’ll find an integrated LED light that shows the current water temperature. It goes from blue for cold water and then to magenta and red for hot water.

Diamond Seal Technology

Diamond Seal valves are considered to be some of the highest quality valves on the market. They not only make it easy to install the faucet but also help it perform like new without any leaks. It achieves that by using a valve that features tough diamond coating. This technology also protects the water from contact with potential metal contaminants.

Easy To Clean

The nozzles on the spray face are made of soft rubber. So if you’ll see any calcium or mineral buildup on the surface of the wand, you don’t need to do any scrubbing, it can easily be removed with just a touch of a finger.


Everything you’ll need for the installation is provided in the box. The faucet also comes with integrated InnoFlex supply lines. So the process requires minimal hassle.

You can mount the faucet without any deck plate right on the sink or countertop. We especially like how clean it looks with the faucet mounted on the countertop next to an undermount sink. It makes the whole area look so much less cluttered. However, if you already 3-hole configuration, you’ll have to use the provided deck plate.

Other Features

Delta also built this faucet with conservation in mind. It delivers a water flow of 1.8 GPM, meeting water efficiency guidelines. Moreover, it has an automatic shut-off if the water has been running for over 4 minutes.

Delta 9113T-AR-DST Essa Pros And Cons


  • Solid metal body.
  • Variety of finishes.
  • Pull-down functionality with mode options.
  • Durable leak-proof valve.
  • Touch functionality.
  • Water efficient.
  • 360-degree swivel.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Easy to install.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • ADA compliant.


  • The internal parts are made of plastic.
  • It produces a lot of water pressure, so on one hand, it makes it easier rinsing dishes, but on the other, can create some splatter.
  • The spout reaches out 9.38 inches, rising high over the sink. If you have a small sink, that can create a lot of splash.

Bottom Line

Overall, we think that the Delta Essa is definitely worth considering. It has also ranked high on our list of best kitchen faucets. As you’ve seen in our Delta 9113T-AR-DST Essa review, this product comes packed with features. It’s a high quality fixture built for reliable performance. You also get the amazing ergonomics and modern functionality.

If you think that you won’t have use of the Touch2O technology but like the design and functionality of this model, it also comes as a regular, non-automatic faucet. It’s the 9113-AR-DST model. It offers all the same features, except for the Touch2O and also comes at a lower price.

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