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Moen vs Delta vs Kohler Faucets- Which Is the Best?

One of the things that makes choosing the right faucet for your home so overwhelming is the presence of hundreds of different brands on the market. Such abundance makes it difficult choosing a trustworthy brand that would provide great product quality and service support. That ...Read More

How To Fix a Kitchen Faucet Sprayer

Many modern kitchen faucets are equipped with sprayers that can be pulled down from the spout on a flexible hose. This feature makes the faucet more functional. However, with heavy use, just like any other water line it can occasionally leak or start to ...Read More

15 Small Bathroom Ideas On a Budget

It can be difficult finding remodel ideas for a small bathroom. Especially, when you have a low budget. However, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a stylish and functional bathroom. So here are ...Read More

How To Increase Water Pressure In Your House

Low water pressure is an inconvenience experienced by many homeowners. Trying to wash dishes, do laundry or take a shower with weak water pressure can be deeply unsatisfying. It also makes performing all these tasks a lot less efficient, taking more time to complete ...Read More

How To Repair a Delta Kitchen Faucet?

Faucets that withstand excessive use are prone to wear and tear. Anyone can experience issues with their faucet over time, even with high quality faucets such as Delta’s. A faulty faucet can lead to a great deal of annoyance. However, you shouldn’t wait until it ...Read More

How To Install a Delta Kitchen Faucet?

Most Delta faucets feature simple installation. All you need is the right tools and a few simple steps. Keep in mind that different faucet models can have slightly different installation requirements as they have unique features. However, the basics are pretty much the same. ...Read More

How To Clean a Faucet Aerator?

You might notice the water flow in your faucet slowing down after some time. However, the reason might not be in the low water flow in your household’s pipes. It could be the result of a clogged faucet aerator. This fitting is located at ...Read More