Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks (Top 6 Best Rated Products In 2021)

Many homeowners today opt for the undermount kitchen sinks. One of their advantages over the drop-in sinks is that they have zero rim exposure. They attach to the sink from the bottom, giving you a more visually attractive and more functional sink area. So if you’ve decided on installing an undermount kitchen sink but find yourself overwhelmed with all the available options, here’s a guide to help you out. We’ve done extensive research and compiled the best undermount kitchen sink reviews, where we’ve made a list of the top 6 best rated products in 2021.

Top 6 Best Rated Undermount Kitchen Sinks

  1. Kraus KHU100-30
  2. Zuhne Modena
  3. Ruvati RVM4250
  4. Kraus KBU14
  5. Ruvati RVH7400
  6. Ruvati RVM4350

1- Kraus KHU100-30

Designed by one of the best brands in the industry, the Kraus KHU100-30 is a heavy-duty stainless steel undermount sink that is bound to impress. It has a sturdy construction and a beautiful design that is engineered with excellent quality.

The sink is made highly durable by using premium-grade 16 gauge stainless steel. This dent-resistant construction provides protection against corrosion and rust. Moreover, the commercial quality satin finish offers additional protection against wear and tear. It’s also very easy to clean and provides a stylish look that can match most kitchen appliances.

This large undermount kitchen sink features NoiseDefend technology. It includes sound absorbing pads at the bottom of the sink that is designed to reduce noise by absorbing vibrations from dishwashing or other sink tasks.

The bottom has a slightly sloped design with channel grooves, which prevents the water from collecting inside the bowl. It’s also a very spacious sink that is 10 inches deep and 30 inches in length. So you can easily fit in it even your tallest pots and oversized pans. This same model is also available in two other sizes: 28 inches and 26 inches in length. So you can choose the appropriate one for your kitchen settings.

The sink comes ready for the installation. Everything you’ll need comes included in the package. So Kraus provides all the necessary mounting hardware, the cut-out template and the installation instructions. Also, this deep undermount kitchen sink includes a few extra accessories, such as a towel, a strainer set and a multi-functional dish grid.

Overall, the Kraus KHU100-30 has received plenty of positive reviews from its users. However, a few of the users have commented that the stainless steel material tends to scratch quite easily if used without the provided grid.

2- Zuhne Modena

Zuhne Modena is also one of the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops that offers great value for the money. It’s an all-around high quality sink that comes in an elegant modern design.

Zuhne uses industrial strength 16 gauge stainless steel. It provides maximum durability with protection against warping or denting under the weight of your heavy cookware. The sink is also covered with a scratch resistant satin finish. It features a natural, grained pattern, so while looking elegant, it’s also easy on the eyes.

There are also 5mm sound dampening pads covering 90% of the sink’s surface. So you get minimum noise during your daily sink usage. Moreover, Zuhne added a layer of non-toxic, lead-free spray coating to further reduce any noise. Modena also offers great insulation in order to prevent condensate damage.

The base of the sink is sloped to a rear set drain, so the basin can stay dry and clean. The basin is 10 inches deep, so you can easily wash dishes in it without getting any splash. It also allows you to stack up a load of dishes inside or fit under your kitchen faucet large pots and pans. There are 7 length options available for this undermount kitchen sink model: 10”, 15”, 21”, 23”, 28”, 30” and 32”. So there’s a size for you whether you have less or more space available.

The product includes all the mounting hardware. So upon receiving the package, you can start installing right away. Just follow the provided instructions. It also comes with different accessories, which include a towel, grid, basket strainer and a cut-out template.

The main concern some users had with this product is that the sink is prone to scratches. However, this tends to be the case for all stainless steel sinks. To prevent this issue, use the provided grid.

3- Ruvati RVM4250

Ruvati RVM4250 is one more great option on our list of the best quality undermount kitchen sinks. It offers a classic look that combines functionality and beauty. It features a bowl that is 9 inches deep and classic rounded corners that also make it easier to clean the sink.

It’s also made of 16 gauge stainless steel, so it offers premium grade quality that will last for years. The brushed satin finish provides additional protection against any corrosion, rust or scratches.

This under counter kitchen sink has a dual mount feature, so you can install it either on top or under the counter. Though, it does look nicer when installing as an undermount.

The bottom of the basin is designed with a gentle curve towards the drain, which provides easy drainage of the water.

The bottom and sides of the sink are equipped with heavy duty padding that provides insulation and noise reduction. Thermal insulation protects the material against the insulation. The soundguard dapping offers the highest level of noise reduction.

The size of the sink, though smaller than the above mentioned sinks, still provides ample space for washing dishes or placing in it large cookware. There are also 9 sizes to choose from, so you can pick according to your kitchen settings. The available size range is from 10 inches to 32 inches.

It also includes all the mounting hardware along with a few extra accessories. In the product’s package, you also receive a basket strainer, a rinse grid and a cut-out template.

4- Kraus KBU14

Kraus has another great undercounter stainless steel sink – the KBU14. It’s a sturdy sink that’s designed to stand up to constant use. It features a timeless design that will look great in both traditional and modern kitchens.

The top quality stainless steel offers the industrial grade construction. So the sink is exceptionally durable and can withstand even the toughest kitchen tasks without getting any dents. The surface is covered with a commercial grade satin finish that gives the sink a nice elegant look, while also providing protection against corrosion and rust of the material.

This sink is also designed with rounded corners. It offers a touch of classic styling and makes it easier to clean the basin. The bottom features an optimized angle, so while providing quick drainage of the water, it also prevents the glassware from falling inside the sink.

It’s also a very quiet kitchen sink, provided by great soundproofing technology called NoiseDefend. Kraus added a barrier to the bottom of the sink with sound-absorbing pads. They cover 80% of the base, absorbing any noise or vibration generated by sink usage. Moreover, there’s a special coating that prevents condensation of the sink’s outside surface.

The depth of the basin is 10 inches, so you get an ample amount of space for your various kitchen sink tasks. The product provides all you need for the installation and a few extra accessories.

The downside to this product is that there’s only one size available: 31.5”. However, this model is also sold in a special MicroShield finish that is designed to provide superior scratch resistant characteristics.

5- Ruvati RVH7400

If you’re looking for a more modern look, consider the Ruvati RVH7400. It features a rectangular bowl with tight radius corners. It’s designed with functional features that make it a durable, aesthetically pleasing sink that is easy to maintain.

It’s also a stainless steel undermount kitchen sink that is made with 16 gauge thickness. This provides maximum durability and protection against dents. So you can easily carry out even heavy duty tasks in your kitchen sink and place there the heavy cookware.

The brushed satin finish provides a soft look to the kitchen’s surface, so it looks stylish but not too flashy. The characteristics of the finish also offer protection against corrosion and rust.

The bottom of the unit is slightly slanted. It also contains channel grooves, designed to help push the water down the strain.

This single bowl undermount kitchen sink also has a good soundproofing system. There are large rubber pads attached to the sides and bottom of the sink. This gives both thermal and condensation insulation.

The bowl is 10 inches deep. So you should be able to fit in large pots and pots or stack up a load of dishes.

The installation process is pretty straightforward and in the package you get the cut-out template, mounting brackets and installation instructions. The extra accessories include a rinse grid to protect the surface from scratches and a basket strainer for trapping the food waste.

6- Ruvati RVM4350

For those looking for a double bowl undermount kitchen sink, consider the Ruvati RVM4350 model. It features a low divide that is 3 inches lower than the top, giving you extra clearance for washing larger pots and pans.

The stainless steel material has 16 gauge thickness. The sturdiness of the material provides protection against dents. The stainless steel material also has qualities to withstand rust and discoloration. The satin finish also has protective qualities and makes it easier to clean.

There’s ample padding attached to both sides and bottom of the unit, so it effectively reduces all the noise produced by dishwashing or other sink tasks. Moreover, the sink features thermal insulation with special undercoating, which prevents condensation on the bottom of the sink.

This is the shallowest undermount kitchen sink in our list with a depth of 8.5 inches. However, that’s also pretty good depth and should fit most sizes of pots and pans.

All the installation parts come included in the package. You also receive a rinse grid and a basket strainer. We recommend using the rinse, so your cookware won’t scratch the surface of the sink.

What Is an Undermount Sink?

These kitchen sinks are installed below the countertop. They leave no rim on top of the counter. It hangs underneath the counter, creating an aesthetically pleasing continuous flow from the countertop to the sink.

For this sink configuration, the kitchen faucet and other accessories must be installed behind the sink on the countertop or mounted on the wall. So when considering installing an undermount kitchen sink, you have to take into account that the installation of the unit will be more complicated and expensive.

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

What Are the Types of Undermount Sinks? How Many Basins

Undermount kitchen sinks come in different styles and designs. First of all, you have the choice of how basins do you want the sink to have. There are single, double and triple bowl sinks. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. For example, a one basin sink offers more space for large pots and pans. They also fit better into limited counter space.
  2. Double sinks allow to multitask, so one sink could be used to stack up dirty dishes and the other for food prep. You can also install a garbage disposal in one of the sinks. So while one basin is full of dishes, the garbage disposal is still accessible. However, you can also install it in a single basin sink as well.
  3. If you want an extra long sink, there’s also the triple basin type. The length of these sinks can be as long as 60 inches.

When deciding on how many basins to choose, take into account the available countertop space and the functionality you’re looking for.

Undermount Sink Sizes

Another important consideration when looking for the best undermount kitchen sink is the size of the fixture. So first you need to measure the available space that you have in your kitchen countertop.

The available sizes range from 10 inches to 40 inches. Lots of the products offer various sizes for the same model, making it easier to choose a size for your settings. In the product’s specifications, you can also find the recommendations the manufacturer offers for the compatible cupboard and countertop sizes.


Undermount kitchen sinks are made from a variety of materials. Manufacturers use stainless steel, copper, granite, porcelain and fireclay.

The most popular material is stainless steel as it’s one of the easier to maintain and more durable materials. However, they can be quite noisy, so look for a soundproofing system. It’s usually provided by special padding attached to the bottom of the sink.

Natural stone sinks are also very durable and look amazing. However, they are generally more expensive and you’ll probably need a specialist to install the fixture. So take this factor into account.

Steel vs Granite

These are the two most common materials of undermount kitchen sinks. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

If you want the most scratch resistant sink, granite is a better choice. Stainless steel sinks nowadays come with rinse grids that you can place on the bottom of the sink in order to minimize scratches. But scratches here and there might still be an issue.

Granite is also a more durable material. However, most stainless steel sinks on market are made with 16 gauge stainless steel, which also provides a high level of strength and durability.

The advantage of stainless steel undermount kitchen sinks is the vast variety of styles and designs that you can choose from. There’s probably double the amount of stainless steel than granite sinks, making it easier to choose the perfect style for your kitchen.

What Kind Of Countertop Is Best?

Undermount kitchen sinks are best suited for installation on solid surface countertops. The recommended materials include granite, marble or concrete. Keep in mind that they are not compatible with laminate and tile counters. They have too many weak points and are not sturdy enough to support the weight of this type of sinks.

How Much Of the Sink Edge Should You Reveal?

When installing your undermount kitchen sink, you’ll have to decide on the configuration. And you’ll have three options:

  • Zero reveal. The rim of the sink is aligned with the edge of the counter. This type of configurations allows easier cleaning of the area where the sink meets the countertop. This eliminates any mold from growing out of sight in the overhang area. It is also very elegant and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Positive reveal. This setting features a slightly large sink opening, so it shows a small part of the rim. It requires very precise installation to create a perfect reveal. There are a few downsides to this option. First of all, it leaves the silicon silk caulk visible and it has a tendency to stain. Also, the rim might start accumulating food debris, which can be hard to remove.
  • Negative reveal. The counter slightly overhangs the sink. Just like with a positive reveal, the overhang can become the place for mold growth, which is also difficult to clean off. The advantage of the negative reveal, though, is that to brush the food off the counter into the sink without it clinging to the sink’s rim or sides.


Proper installation is crucial for the durability of the sink. These sinks can be quite heavy and imagine how heavy it can also get when it’s full of dishes. If the sink is not supported properly, it can pull apart from the countertop and crash on the floor.

You can do the installation yourself if you’ve got some good DIY skills. Otherwise, it’s better to get a professional that can get everything properly set up.


Undermount kitchen sinks are generally the most expensive than drop-in ones. Moreover, if you’re not an expert at DIY, you’ll probably need to hire a professional for the sink’s installation. So you’ll have to factor that into your budget.

If you’re looking for a more affordable, yet also a durable option, consider getting a stainless steel undermount sink. They are relatively cheap and the material will also hold up for years to come.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Undermount Kitchen Sinks


  • Creates an elegant, modern look. They have clean lines and simplistic forms.
  • There’s no rim resting on the countertop, where food and debris might collect.
  • Easier cleaning since you can brush away the debris from the counter to the sink without any obtrusions.
  • Undermount kitchen sinks don’t have pre-drilled faucet holes. This allows installing the faucet in any convenient location.
  • They increase counter space up to half a square foot.
  • They are available in a wide variety of materials and styles, making them versatile for different kitchen designs.


  • The sinks need to be properly installed with the use of silicone, as well as clips or straps. Failing to properly install the sink can result in it crashing onto the floor.
  • They don’t work with all the countertops. For example, laminate countertops have many weak points in the seams, which make it difficult to support the weight of an undermount kitchen sink.
  • More expensive than drop-in sinks.
  • Higher installation prices.

Undermount vs Drop-In Kitchen Sink

drop in vs undermount kitchen sinksCounter Space

With undermount sinks, you have the countertop extending all the way to the sink or even a bit more. So this type of sinks gives a bit more counter space and it’s a great option for you if you’re tight on room in the kitchen.


A properly installed undermount sink with zero reveal creates a seamless look, which is very easy to clean since there’s no gap to collect any gunk buildup. However, positive and negative reveal configurations leave a gap between the rim and the counter. This gap will require constant cleaning as it will become an easy trap for food debris.

Drop-in sinks also have a seam formed by the lip, so you’ll also have to regularly clean it. However, it’s a visible seam, so it’s easily accessible for cleaning.

Countertop Cleaning

An undermount sink doesn’t form any lip on the countertop, so there’s no obtrusion for swiping away any debris from the counter and into the sink. Swiping away debris from a drop-in sink, on the other hand, will only get it stuck between the rim and the counter.


Drop-sinks are generally cheaper. With an undermount sink, you’ll also need to pay more for the installation. Moreover, they don’t have a pre-drilled hole for the kitchen faucet mounting and this can become an extra cost for installing it onto the countertop.

Countertop Compatibility

While drop-in sinks don’t really have any limitations when it comes to countertops that are compatible with the installation, undermount kitchen sinks can only be attached to solid materials. They are not compatible with laminate countertops.

Wrap Up

There’s a huge variety of undermount kitchen sinks. We hope that these best undermount kitchen sink reviews have helped you to narrow down your choice. Don’t forget to factor in different features before making a purchasing decision. Knowing what to look for in the product help to understand how to choose the right unit for your needs.

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