Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets (Reviews Of Top Rated Products In 2022)

ht the pull down design. If you’re ready to take your kitchen to the next level, consider getting the best pull down kitchen faucet that is both stylish and practical. In the pull-down kitchen faucet reviews below we’ve picked the top 6 best rated products in 2022

Top 6 Pull Down Kitchen Faucets.

  1. Delta Leland 9178-SP-DST
  2. Kohler K-560-VS Bellera
  3. Delta 9113-AR-DST Essa
  4. Moen Arbor 7594SRS
  5. KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice
  6. American Standard Colony

1 – Delta Leland 9178-SP-DST

Delta Leland comes in a mid-price range and offers some great features that place it among our list of pull-down kitchen faucets. It has an attractive modern design that is both ergonomic and functional. It’s one of the favorites among homeowners and has gained a lot of positive reviews.

This pull down kitchen faucet is available in both the standard version and with the Touch2O technology that allows touchless operation. You can also choose between multiple attractive finishes, which include arctic stainless, chrome, Spotshield stainless and Venetian bronze. Many people though choose the Spotshield stainless finish as it’s the easiest to clean. It offers a finish that is resistant to water spots and fingerprints.

The MagnaTite docking system features an integrated magnet that keeps the faucet spray securely in place. The advantage of a magnet system is that it won’t start drooping over time.

It features a high arc and a long spout reach that extends to 9-⅛” from the base. Moreover, you get more reach by pulling down the spray head and extending the hose up to 20 inches. After pulling down the wand, you can also easily switch from spray to stream mode.

The Diamond Seal technology provides long lasting operation with no hassle with leaks. You can install the Delta faucet on a 1 or 3-hole kitchen sink. It also comes with an escutcheon that you can optionally use for 3-hole mounting.

2 – Kohler K-560-VS Bellera

The Kohler Bellera made it to our list of pull down kitchen faucet reviews for its aesthetically pleasing design, user-friendly features, high quality construction and great value for the price.

It features a high arc gooseneck spout that measures 16-¾” in height, while the spout reach is 7-⅞”. Add to that also the 360 rotation of the spout and you get amazing clearance for cleaning or filling big pots.

The pull down spray head keeps in place by a magnet system called DockNetik. The pull down hose also features ProMotion technology, which is the light, braided design of the hose. It makes the spray head pull down more smoothly and is designed for easy and comfortable use.

The spray head offers three functions that you can choose according to the task at hand. You can switch from a stream for filling pots to sweep spray for more force to clean the dishes. There’s also a stop function for when you need to make a quick stop of the stream.

This Kohler Bellera pull down kitchen faucet will fit almost any sink as you can install it on any configuration from 1 to 4 holes. If you have an undermount sink already installed, you can mount this faucet on a drilled hole in the countertop. Also, the escutcheon comes in a package.

The body of the faucet is made from premium metal, while the finishes (oil-rubbed bronze, vibrant stainless and polished chrome) have good corrosion and tarnishing resistance.

3 – Delta 9113-AR-DST Essa

Another great pull down kitchen faucet is the Delta 9113-AR-DST Essa model. It offers features very similar to the Delta Leland faucet but comes in a slightly different design and at a higher price point. You can also purchase either the standard version or the MotionSense model. Another difference is the slightly higher spout of the Essa faucet, which is 15-¼”.

It also features a pull down spout that swivels 360 degrees and gives you superior clearance around the sink. The pull down spray head retracts back into place with the use of the MagnaTite Docking system. The use of a magnet makes sure that the wand stays in place and doesn’t droop over time.

Delta Essa also has the same Diamond Seal technology, so you get a long life of the faucet with no leaking problems. It also makes it easier to install the faucet. You can mount the Essa on a 1 or 3-hole configuration of the sink. If you’ll be installing it on the 3-hole configuration, the faucets also come with an escutcheon. Everything you’ll need for the installation you’ll find in the box that comes with the faucet. It also includes the InnoFlex PEX supply lines, which are integrated into the faucet.

4 – Moen Arbor 7594SRS

Moen Arbor 7594SRS offers a transitional look that can work in a variety of kitchen styles from traditional to modern decors. It features durable metal construction and offers a variety of finishes to fit different preferences or kitchen decors. You can choose between spot resist stainless, chrome, matte black and oil-rubbed bronze finish.

The pull down Reflex system provides easy maneuverability, smooth operation and secure docking of the spray wand. You switch from stream to spray mode for when you need to fill some pots with water or when you need more water force to rinse off the dishes. There’s also a pause option, which is a convenient feature for when you’ve been filling pots outside the sink and need to stop the flow of water, so it doesn’t get sprayed over the countertop.

The high arc spout design, which measures 15-½” in height, gives enough clearance to fill large pots in the sink. The 20” reach of the pull-down wand, on the other hand, offers more flexible water delivery.

You can install it on a single-hole configuration for a cleaner look or on a 3-hole sink if you’ve already got existing holes. For the 3-hole installation, you can use the included deck plate. The DuraLock quick connect system makes the whole installation process just one easy step. The process is quick and easy that can be done without any extra tools.

5 – KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice

KOHLER Simplice comes in a universal design that can nicely fit in the traditional or contemporary-style kitchen. In addition to that, you get amazing ergonomics and functionality. You can also choose a finish to fit your existing kitchen settings: matte black, polished chrome, and vibrant stainless.

The spray head pulls down and offers 360-degree rotation. You get smooth maneuverability and extended reach. It’s perfect for those up-close tasks or when you need to fill a pot outside of the sink. The touch control on the spray head also gives you three options: the stream function, sweep spray with a powerful blade of water, and a pause for a quick stop of the water flow.

The DockNetik system retracts back the spray wand using a magnet, which also makes sure that the wand doesn’t start to droop. The ceramic disc valves ensure durable performance without any leaks.

For the installation you have two options: you can either mount it on a 1-hole sink or use the included deck plate for a 3-hole sink.

6 – American Standard Colony

The American Standard Colony pull down kitchen faucet is a perfect choice for a casual style kitchen. It features a brass swivel spout with a pull down spray wand. The brass construction makes it corrosion resistant. Brass material properties also allow the finishes to become part of the faucet itself and not just a coating. It’s available in three colors: matte black, polished chrome and stainless steel.

The spray head pulls down one a flexible supply hose that extends up to 20 inches. You can also adjust the spray with a push of a button, choosing between a stream and spray functions. Additionally, there’s a pause function.

Ceramic disc valves provide a lifetime of drip-free performance. So you can use this faucet for a long time maintenance free.

It also features a memory position valve, which memorizes the temperature you used last. This allows you to quickly turn the water on and off without having to worry about temperature adjustments.

The faucet comes with an escutcheon but you can choose to mount the fixture with or without it. So you can just install it on a 1-hole sink, but if you have a 3-hole sink, you can use the escutcheon.


What Is a Pull Down Kitchen Faucet?

What sets the pull down kitchen faucets apart from other types of kitchen faucets is the integrated high-pressure sprayer that is located in the spout. It’s attached to a hose and can be pulled down straight into the sink. This type of faucet is solely used in the kitchen. There are no bathroom faucets with this design.

These faucets usually have high arc designs, so they can also accommodate large pots under them. The inclusion of the integrated sprayer eliminates the need for a separate sprayer on the side of the sink. This frees up space around the sink and makes it look more aesthetically pleasing. It also gives more clearance over the sink. You can direct a stream of water even for filling pots outside of the sink. You can also use the powerful stream of the spray head when you need to clean all the nooks of the sink.

Pull Out vs Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

A lot of people get confused about the difference between pull down and pull out faucets. So if you’re feeling a bit frustrated with these terms or just don’t know which one will suit you best, here’s their comparison, as well as both their pros and cons.

Their similarity is that they both use a spray wand that is integrated inside the spout. When not in use, it securely stays in its docking position inside the spout and when you need more reach over the sink, you can extend it out.

Pull Down

Pull down kitchen faucets usually, have higher spouts. So when choosing one of them, make sure that you have enough clearance over your sink. The spray hose, however, is usually shorter than on pull out models. It’s designed to be just pull down into the sink.

Pull down faucets are beginning to dominate the kitchen faucet market. They come in many different styles and designs for any kitchen style, be it contemporary or traditional.

They also some of more advanced features that pull out faucets don’t. For example, some of the pull down kitchen faucets offer the touchless technology, which uses sensors to detect the motion of the hand and activate water flow. There are also different spray patterns you can choose from, such as a stream or high pressure spray.

The only disadvantage of these type of faucets is that might not fit small sinks or spaces with a limited amount of clearance above the sink. So bear in mind the height of the spout when choosing one of them.

Pull Out

Pull out kitchen faucets work better on small sinks as they usually designed with a lower spout. The short spout also prevents any splashing around the sink, since using the flexible spray head you can direct the flow exactly where you need it. Also, they offer longer hose reach, which is perfect for carrying out tasks outside the sink, such as filling pots on the countertop.

The pull out design also has its drawbacks. The short spout will likely make it impossible to fit tall items under the faucet. For example, you might not be able to place under the spout large pots or pitchers. Moreover, the manufacturers mostly produce the pull down designs, so there’s a limited selection of pull out faucets.

Buying Guide For Choosing the Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Picking out the perfect pull down kitchen faucet from such a vast selection doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So if you’re shopping for your new faucet, here are a few helpful tips.


The material is one of the most important things that determine the quality of the faucet. All metal construction is the most durable choice. Another popular material is stainless steel. Some manufacturers, however, use plastic to comply with lead-free regulations.


In addition to being functional and durable, the faucet should also be aesthetically pleasing. You can find models in a huge variety of styles and finishes. The most common finishes that almost every kitchen faucet model offers is stainless steel, brushed nickel and polished chrome. They are very versatile and look good in almost any style of the kitchen. For a more traditional look, you can choose oil-rubbed bronze. For the faucet to really stand out, there’s also matte black finish available. However, as a rule of thumb, choose a finish that will work well with the existing fixtures.

Most of the pull down kitchen faucets come in a single lever design, which gives it a more modern look. Most of them also offer different mounting options. If you have a 1-hole sink, you can install the faucet right in. If you have a 3-hole sink, check that the faucet comes with a deckplate, so you can cover the existing extra holes.

Faucet Height

When choosing a pull down kitchen faucet, another thing to keep in mind is the height of the faucet. Since these faucets tend to have high arc spouts, you should check if there’s enough space for it over your sink. For example, make sure that there are no low hanging shelves or cupboard above the sink.

On the other hand, the higher the spout, the more clearance you’ll get under the faucet. This will allow you fitting even larger pots in the sink for cleaning or filling them up.


Depending on your preferences, you can also choose faucets with extra features. Some of the more advanced models, for example, offer MotionSense technology. It works by activating the water flow with just a wave of the hand in front of the sensor. You don’t need to touch the faucet to get the water running, which is very convenient for those times when you’ve got your hands busy or for preventing leaving your fingerprints on the spout.

Other features could include water flow patterns, water temperature memory valve and tarnish resistant finishes.

On most of the spray head,s you’ll find a button that allows switching from stream mode to spray. The stream mode is good for when you need anything with water, while the high pressure of the spray is better for cleaning the sink or dishes. If there’s also a pause function, you can quickly stop the water.

Ceramic Valves

If you don’t want your faucet to start dripping soon after the installation, look for one that has ceramic valves. They are the industry standard of quality valves.


Price is another major consideration. It’s best to balance your preferences with your budget and buy the best faucet that you can afford. A higher price tag usually means a higher quality product with more features, especially if it’s a product from a reputable brand. However, you can also choose a more simple faucet without the advanced extra features if you don’t really need them.

It’s also best to stick to known brands that are producing many products with consistent quality and good warranty coverage. This way it’ll also be easy to find replacement parts down the road.

Water Flow

Faucet manufacturers are required to restrict the water flow on their faucets to 2.5 GPM in order to comply with regulations and conserve water. However, the most water efficient pull down kitchen faucets offer a water flow of 1.8 GPM or even 1.5 GPM. Check for the faucets certifications.

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