Best Pot Filler Reviews (Buying Guide For 2022)

Pot fillers are more of a kitchen luxury. It’s not the most versatile piece of equipment and it won’t be able to do much more than just fill pots. So a lot of people wave it off as an unnecessary fixture. However, you might not know the advantages it offers until you actually install one in your kitchen. Pot fillers are not for everyone but if you do spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking, you’ll definitely find great use of it. So if you’ve decided to purchase one for your home, here’s a list of the best pot filler faucet products available on the market in 2021. Below the comparison chart, we’ve also compiled pot filler reviews to help you understand the pros and cons of the mentioned faucets.

Top 6 Pot Fillers Reviewed

  1. Delta 1177LF-SS
  2. Geyser GF47-B
  3. Danze D205012SS Melrose
  4. Danze D205057SS Opulence
  5. Kohler 99270-VS Artifacts
  6. Moen S664

1- Delta 1177LF-SS

Delta 1177LF-SS is a great high-end pot filler faucet that comes from one of the most reputable brands in the kitchen faucet industry. It’s the best pot filler faucet for anyone who wishes to improve the look and functionality of their kitchen.

The faucet is made of high quality materials and aside from gaskets, it’s all metal. Delta also makes all their faucets that are intended for dispensing water lead-free, this one included.

This aesthetically pleasing product is available in a nice variety of finishes: from standard stainless to arctic stainless, from Venetian bronze to champagne bronze, as well as chrome and nickel. With all these options, almost any kitchen would be able to find a finish to match.

The pot filler features a double spout fold that can swivel over 180 degrees, giving you more maneuverability of where to swing the spray head and how far it can reach. You get about 24 inches of overall reach, but when not in use, you can fold it away. This should be enough coverage to reach over most of the stoves. In the folded position, the spout can reach about 11 inches.

It also comes with two handles, so you can turn the water either at the wall or the spout, whichever is more convenient in the situation. The water flow is controlled by a simple quarter turn of the handle.

This Delta pot filler has a flow rate of 4 GPM. So keep in mind when considering purchasing it that it’s not shipped to CA, as according to their mandates faucets should have a flow rate no more than 1.2 GPM.

The faucet requires 1-hole mount installation and it’s designed for cold water connection only.

2- Geyser GF47-B

Geyser GF47-B is one of the cheaper pot filler faucets. However, it’s also made from top quality materials and good quality finish. It does have a more basic design in comparison to the above mentioned Delta pot filler kitchen faucet and also comes only in one brushed nickel finish. So keep that in mind as brushed nickel might not fit all kitchen settings.

This stove faucet pot filler is made of high quality stainless steel tubes that give it maximum durability and prevents any rust or contamination of your drinking water. Also, the polished inner surface is designed to provide the most hygienic water supply.

It features two connected spouts to provide more reach over the cooktop. The maximum spout reach is 20.25 inches and you can also fold it away to get it out of the way when it’s not in use. The faucet swivels 360 degrees, so you can easily direct the water flow wherever you need it.

It’s a dual-handle stove pot filler, so it has one handle at the wall and another on the spout. This allows you to control the water flow at the point of use.

With 5.5 GPM, it provides even more water flow than the Delta model. The spout is also equipped with a Swiss neoperl aerator, so in addition to good water flow, you also get lots of steady water pressure.

The main advantages of this kitchen pot filler are its affordable price and ample water flow.

3- Danze D205012SS Melrose

Danze D205012SS Melrose is another great modern pot filler faucet that is able to bring a lot of functionality to your kitchen. It’s a bit smaller pot filler faucet than the previously mentioned models, with the maximum spout reach 17-1/16 inches from the wall. So it’s a better choice for small kitchens or smaller stoves.

The body of the pot filler is made of industrial grade brass. The construction has got a high level of craftsmanship, making the unit look sleek and sturdy. The stainless steel and chrome finish both give a contemporary overall styling.

It features two ceramic disc valves with one located at the wall and the other at the spout. They provide a smooth turning action and prevent future drips. The spout swivels and comes with two valves: one shut off and one control valve.

One of the main differences of this small pot filler faucet is that it doesn’t have two different folds. It features only one arm that swivels in different directions, so it should still be able to reach most areas over the stove.

The fixture hooks up to the cold water supply line and requires a single hole wall mount. It meets federal regulations for lead-free content and is ADA compliant.

One more advantage of this product is the limited lifetime warranty that Danze offers for manufacturing defects. This shows that the brand is sure of the quality that their product offers.

The downsides of this pot filler fixture is the short spout reach and the missing two-fold design. On the upside, though, it’s also one of the more affordable pot filler products.

4- Danze D205057SS Opulence

If you’re looking for the biggest selection of finishes, look no further than the Danze Opulence. It offers 8 finish options from more traditional ones like stainless steel and chrome to more rare finishes, such as black, bronze and copper. This selection should suit any kitchen decor and add to it beauty and functionality.

The spout extends 22 inches give you plenty of coverage to fill any pots even on a bigger stove. It’s a two-piece spout, so when you’re done filling your pots, you can just tuck the spout away until next use.

It also features two ceramic disc valves, which are built-in at the wall and end of the spout. This creates a tight seal and provides leak-free performance over a long time. It also provides smooth turning action, making it easier to use the faucet without any excessive strain on the wrists and hands.

The fixture mounts on a single hole in the wall and hooks up on the cold water supply line. It installs on a 1/2-inch IPS/NPT-threaded stub. It is also low-lead and ADA compliant and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The downsides of this stove pot filler are the higher price and lower water flow of only 2.2 GPM.

5- Kohler 99270-VS Artifacts

Kohler 99270-VS Artifacts commercial pot filler faucet is a great choice for classic designs. It can be installed in your kitchen directly above or near the stove or it can be used for industrial purposes. Its vintage style can blend in different settings and bring professional convenience.

The fixture is made of high grade materials to provide maximum durability even with heavy use. When buying this pot filler, you can also choose between a selection of finishes: oil rubbed bronze, chrome, brushed nickel and vibrant stainless. So it’s easy to match this pot filler faucet to various kitchen settings. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, Kohler also offers other fixtures in their Artifacts collection, so you can design your kitchen in the same style. The Artifacts collection includes pull down faucets, bar faucets and bathroom faucets.

It features ceramic disc valves, ensuring durable performance for life. With 22 inches spout reach, you can directly fill any pots or pans placed on or near the cooktop. You can also swivel the spout 360 degrees, so it easily rotates to wherever you’ve placed your pot on the stove. When not using the fixture, you can just fold it to keep it out of the way.

One thing to keep in mind before buying this pot filler is that it has a high spout that measures 9-⅝ inches in height. So make sure that there’s enough clearance over your cookstove to install this fixture.

The faucet delivers a decent 4 GPM flow rate, so you can fill up your pots in a matter of seconds. It uses an easy to use the lever and an additional main lever shutoff.

6- Moen S664

One of the more expensive pot fillers is the Moen S664 model that also comes in a stylish design and gives a luxury feel to your kitchen. It’s available in several different finishes, which include chrome, oil rubbed bronze and spot resist stainless. You can choose a finish that will coordinate with your kitchen decor, whether it’s done in a traditional or modern style.

It features metal construction that is low lead compliant. It offers maximum spout reach, extending the dual joints up to 24 inches.

The faucet also comes with two levers, which you can operate clockwise to control the water flow. This contemporary pot filler also delivers an ample water flow of 5.5 GPM. It delivers an aerated stream for water pressure.

When you buy this pot filler, you also get a limited lifetime warranty for the product. It covers leaks, drips and finish defects. However, if you’ll be using it for commercial installation, the warranty is shortened to 5 years.

What Is a Pot Filler Faucet In a Kitchen?

A pot filler is one of the types of kitchen faucets that serves one particular function: to fill pots. They are usually installed directly over the stove and swing out on a long jointed arm. So when not in use, they can be neatly folded against the wall where they will stay out of the way of your cooking. When in use, you can fold it out and swivel to wherever you’ve placed your pot on the stove.

The purpose of pot fillers is to eliminate the need to carry heavy pots filled with water from the main sink to the cookstove. So you won’t have to struggle anymore trying to fit in your big pots in your kitchen sink and you’ll be able to skip all this strain on your back associated with carrying heavy weight.

How To Choose the Best Pot Filler Faucet?

Even though pot fillers are not a must-have for every kitchen, they can definitely make your life easier, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Choosing a pot filler kitchen faucet is not as complicated as buying the right main kitchen faucet since the latter are usually more functional. However, there are still certain things you should take into account. So we’ve created this buying guide to help you understand which main features to look for.


As always, one of the main considerations is the design of the fixture. Pot fillers come in a variety of finishes and styles, so just choose the one that will work with your kitchen. When considering which one would best fit your kitchen setting, consider the following factors:

  1. What finish do the other fixtures (faucet, sink, cabinet handles) have in your kitchen? Would a pot filler kitchen faucet with a different finish clash with the existing one?
  2. What is the color of your kitchen cabinets?
  3. Which is the color of the backsplash?
  4. What is the style of your kitchen? Is it modern, traditional or rustic?

These questions will help you to narrow down your options. For example, most of the models mentioned in our pot filler reviews above have a universal look. However, you can customize them to fit a different setting by selecting a certain finish.


Before buying the new pot filler, you also need to do some measuring. You want a fixture with just enough spout reach to all ends of your kitchen stove. So the bigger the stove, the longer spout reach you’ll want to have. This will allow filling your pots right on the stove without having to move them. A pot filler with not enough reach will make the whole fixture a lot less functional.

Another thing to consider is the available clearance between the stove and any obtrusion above it. The faucet is usually installed above the line where steam reaches and from there, you’ll need more space to fit the height of the faucet.

So when shopping for a new pot filler, check the specifications sheet for the spout reach and spout height measures.

Built Quality

Pot filler faucet construction consists of the same essential parts. There’s the spout that provides the water. Connected to the spout, there are two long joined rods. They can extend and contract, depending if you need more reach of the faucet or just want to tuck it away. The rod connects to a joint on the wall.

These water faucets above stove usually come with two levers. One connects to the joint on the wall, while the other one is on the spout. The reason for having two levers is that it prevents drips. This is an important feature since you don’t want it to start dripping on the stove. So when the faucet is not in use, it’s recommended to turn both levers off.

Another quality consideration is the material used for manufacturing the product. All metal construction is usually the sturdiest and most durable choice. However, it’s also important that the fixture is lead content compliant to make sure that it provides safe drinking water.

Benefits Of Having a Pot Filler In Your Kitchen


Having a pasta arm faucet above your stove adds your kitchen more convenience. With this extra functionality, you’ll be more inspired to cook and exercise your culinary skills.

Reduce Strain

Carrying large pots of water from the sink to stove can be quite a strain on your hands, wrists and back. Sometimes you may be carrying a water pot as heavy as 30-40 pounds. A pot filler is designed to save you from this trouble and make it easier to just fill up the pot at the point of use. This is an especially big advantage in a kitchen that has a steady turnaround of water-filled pots.

It’s important to remember, though, you’ll still have to carry the heavy pot of water from the stove to the sink when you’ll need to empty them.

Minimize the Mess

A pasta filler faucet helps to avoid any spillage that can happen while you carry the water from the sink to the cookstove. They also open up more space, so you’ll have less sink clutter and a more open undermount sink area for food prep and cleaning.

Enable Multitasking

While your faucet above the cooktop is filling a pot with water, you can concentrate on doing other food prep tasks. Your kitchen sink will be free, so you can in the meantime clean vegetables, dishes or even fill another pan at the same time. This will save you time while you tackle those delicious dishes.

Disadvantages Of Pot Filler Taps

Difficult Cleaning

Like any other fixture or appliance, a kettle faucet also requires regular cleaning. However, the positioning of this faucet right above the stove makes it susceptible to grease, heat and tarnishing. They require regular upkeep if you don’t want it to become an unkempt eyesore.


Leaking pot fillers are a bit more of a hindrance than a usual kitchen sink faucet. If a regular faucet starts leaking, it drips into the basin and down the drain. A leaking pot filler faucet, on the other hand, can do major damage to the stove, wall and the floor. So make sure to buy a fixture with two valves. If one of them wears out, you can still shut off the other one.


Pot filler faucet can be quite costly. So before considering buying one of them, think of how often you’ll be using it. It’s not worth investing all that money into something you may not use frequently.

Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet Installation

If you’ve already purchased the fixture and now wondering how to install a pot filler faucet, here are the simple steps to follow. However, before you start the installation, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Since all faucets are a little different, the installation for each product can vary. Consult the provided instructions and follow the recommended process.

The installation guide below can be carried out if you already have existing pipe fitting to the wall above the stove. If you need to cut in a new water pipe for the pot filler, you might have to cut out a wall area first and then install the required pipes inside the walls. For this process, you’ll most likely need the help of a plumber or if you’re very handy with tools.

Step 1 – Choose the Location

First, you need to decide where you want to install the new fixture. Measure where the pot will go so that the lowest parts of the tap would be at least 1 inch above the combined height of your stove and the highest pot you own. This will allow to easily fit all of your pots under the tap without having to awkwardly slide them under. Use a pencil to mark the installation location.

Step 2 – Turn Off the Water Supply And Attach the Adapter

Next thing, turn off the water supply to the sink where you will be installing the new pot filler. The shut-off valve can be located directly at that sink or you might have to use the main shutoff valve, which can usually be found near the water meter.

Once the water supply has been turned off, attach the pipe adapter and use Teflon tape to make a waterproof seal.

Step 3 – Align the Plate

The next step is to align the mounting plate with the adapter, which should be placed in the hole at the bottom of the plate.

Step 4 – Drill the Mounting Hole

Before drilling, make sure that there are no electrical lines or other obtrusions behind the wall that could get in the way.

Step 5 – Attach the Pot Filler

Use screws to attach the pipe adapter to the mounting plate and then mount the pot filler. Modern pot fillers usually come pre-assembled, so you just need to fit in the adapter and mount it on the wall.

Step 6 – Secure the Fixture

Lastly, make sure that the new pot filler is mounted on the wall tightly and secure. So if it’s loose, just tighten more the screws.

Wrap Up

A good pot filler provides a lot of benefits to the kitchen’s functionality and makes the cooking process easier and faster. It will save you from all the heavy lifting that’s usually involved in carrying full pots of water and you won’t have to worry anymore about being able to fit large pots under your small sink faucet. So we hope you’ve found this best pot filler faucet reviews list helpful in understanding the best available options. These are the best picks from us because they offer lots of functionality, high quality provided by the best brands in the industry and aesthetically beautiful designs.

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