Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet Reviews (Industrial/Fusion Style Faucets)

More and more households nowadays opt for commercial-style kitchen faucets as they provide the kitchen with a professional look and feel. They feature a high arc spout and a flexible neck that can be pulled down for an extended range of the spray. They are available in many shapes, designs, and features, which can make it difficult to choose the best commercial kitchen faucet. So in the following article, we’ve prepared the commercial kitchen faucet reviews for 2021. Below the reviews, you’ll also find a buying guide on choosing the best restaurant-style kitchen faucet for your home.

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Top 6 Commercial Kitchen Faucets Reviewed

  1. Kraus KPF-1650SS Modern Nola
  2. Moen 5923 Align
  3. VCCUCINE Commercial Kitchen Faucet
  4. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden
  5. Kingo Home Professional Kitchen Faucet

1- Kraus KPF-1650SS Modern Nola

Kraus Modern Nola tops our list of best professional kitchen faucets. It comes in a sleek, modern design and packs a punch in functionality. Kraus is known for building its products with quality in mind and this product is no different.

The body and handle of the faucet are made entirely of brass. So you don’t need to worry about any plastic parts wearing out or the material starting to leak or corrode. Moreover, the faucet is covered with a high-quality finish that has the qualities to resist corrosion and rusting. You can also choose between stainless steel and chrome finishes so that the faucet will fit with your existing kitchen setting.

This commercial style kitchen faucet is equipped with Kerox ceramic cartridges. They are high-end precision ceramic cartridges designed to withstand hundreds of thousands of uses without getting any leaks.

It also features a pull down spray head that uses magnetic docking to keep itself in place. There are two settings that the spray head can function in: stream and spray. The overall height of the faucet is 26.25 inches, so you get plenty of unobstructed sink access.

The Kraus Modern Nola also uses a Neoperl aerator, designed for conserving water and preventing splashes. With it, while delivering a flow rate of 1.8 GPM, you still get amazing water pressure for your tasks.

The installation of this industrial kitchen faucet is very straightforward. It provides all the mounting hardware and then it’s just an easy DIY dock top mount. This faucet mounts on a 1-hole sink. However, if you have a 3-hole sink, it also comes with an optional 10-inch deckplate. Keep in mind that the maximum deck thickness it can install on is 1.75-inches. For a thicker deck, you’ll need to get an extension kit.

2- Moen 5923 Align

Moen 5923 Align is also one of the best pre-rinse kitchen faucets that offer lots of good aspects, giving a professional, modern look to your kitchen and in-demand functionality.

It features all metal construction and 3 available finishes to choose from: matte black, stainless and chrome. The stainless option is a Spot Resist finish, which is designed for maintaining the brilliance of the faucet without getting covered in water spots or fingerprints. The chrome finish has a reflective, mirror-like look that can work with almost any kitchen style. Whichever finish you choose, this faucet will become the centerpiece of your kitchen.

The restaurant kitchen faucet also features a pulldown system that holds in place with secure docking. It’s equipped with a 68-inch hose, giving you plenty of reach to all the nooks of the sink. You can use the spray head with the aerated stream function for regular everyday cleaning or you can switch to the powerful rinse setting for more spray power. It also features the Power Clean technology that gives a lot more spray power than most other similar faucets on the market.

The faucet’s height measures 22.5 inches, while the spout provides 8.75-inches in height. This gives plenty of room to fill or clean large pots under the faucet. And if you need more maneuverability to clean or rinse in the sink, you can just pull down the spray head.

Moen has also incorporated in this commercial faucet its latest ceramic disc technology called Duralast. It’s engineered to withstand heavy use and abuse, even if your household got hard water conditions. Moreover, it allows for more compact and sleek faucet designs.

It’s also designed with conservation in mind, limiting the water flow to 1.5 GPM. As for the installation, it uses a Quick-connect system, which is just a simple one-step DIY process.

3- VCCUCINE Commercial Kitchen Faucet

One of the more affordable commercial kitchen faucets is the VCCUCINE model. It has an industrial style design that can fit in both home kitchen setting or in a restaurant.

It’s built with solid brass construction, so you can expect it to withstand a long life of heavy use. The ceramic disc valves also add to the durability of this product, ensuring leak-free operation. It’s available only in one finish, brushed nickel, which might not suit everyone’s preference. However, brushed nickel is very neutral, so it can work in a variety of settings. It also appeals to those who like having a sense of softness to their space.

The spout has a high arc design, measuring 4.72 inches from the base to the spout and 21.65 inches from the base to the top of the faucet. This makes it convenient for filling big pots and pans. The spout also has a 360-degree rotation, giving you full sink coverage and makes it also suitable for double bowl sinks. The pull out sprayer can provide either an aerated stream or a powerful cleansing rinse.

For the installation, you need to have a 1-hole sink as it doesn’t come with a deckplate. You can also mount it on top of the countertop if you have an undermount kitchen sink. It’s also very easy to install and includes all the hardware that you’d need for the process. It’s worth mentioning, however, that this professional kitchen faucet is very heavy. The brand recommends installing it only on thick stainless steel sinks or granite countertops. When considering buying this faucet for your kitchen, also make sure that you’ve got enough room over your sink to accommodate its height.

4- Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden

The Bolden is one more amazing industrial style kitchen faucet for home use designed by the Kraus brand. It features a sleek design that can transform any kitchen style into a high-end workspace. It’s available in five finishes to fit a variety of preferences or kitchen decors. The finishes also have a high quality of corrosion and tarnish resistance.

The lead-free brass construction is built for long lasting performance, while ceramic cartridges provide drip-free use. The faucet features a high arc spout and a smooth-retract nylon sprayer that give the faucet a professional look.

The sprayer hose can extend up to 20 inches, giving plenty of maneuverability. For regular everyday tasks, it can deliver an aerated stream, while for tasks that require heavy-duty scrubbing or rinsing, you can switch to the powerful spray mode. The faucet swivels 180 degrees, so it might not offer as much range as the previously mentioned VCCUCINE faucet but should still have plenty of range in and around the sink.

The faucet’s height is 18 inches. So while it’s high enough to accommodate most pots and pans under it, it’s also compact enough to fit under most kitchen cabinets.

This Kraus commercial style kitchen faucet is also equipped with a water-saving aerator. It delivers a water flow of 1.8 GPM but does so without sacrificing the pressure.

The package with the faucet comes with everything ready for the installation, including the waterlines and mounting hardware. It requires a 1-hole installation without a deckplate.

5- Kingo Home Professional Kitchen Faucet

This Kingo Home faucet can also be a great choice for either a small restaurant owner or someone who just wants to give their kitchen a professional look. It looks elegant and also offers a lot of features to make your kitchen more functional.

The main body of this fixture is made from lead-free brass, while the handle is stainless steel. This particular model is made with a brushed nickel finish. However, it’s also available in an oil-rubbed bronze option that adds to the modern look a bit of a rustic feeling. As all the other above listed industrial looking kitchen faucets, this product is also built with ceramic disc valves, which is the industry standard of high quality valves.

The pull down design features a 20-inch flexible hose. So you can pull down the spray wand to get a better range of the water stream. It’s also a 2 function sprayer, delivering both a stream and jet spray modes. Additionally, you can rotate the spout 360 degrees to get the stream of water anywhere in or around the sink area.

In the box with the faucet, you receive the water hoses for the installation, mounting hardware and ½” adapter.

What Is a Commercial Kitchen Faucet?

A commercial style kitchen faucet is a type of faucet that is designed for heavy use that is usually required in a restaurant or other restaurant. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used at home. It can make a perfect addition to a kitchen that needs higher versatility and functionality. These faucets are also great for the homeowners that spend a lot of time in the kitchen and just want higher pressure.

What To Look For When Choosing the Best Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet?

When choosing a new commercial grade kitchen faucet for your home, there’s more to take into account than just the design. While expressing your unique taste, the faucet should also be able to provide all the functionality that you need. It’s also not something that you buy on a whim, especially since they are usually not that cheap. So here are a few things to consider before making a buying decision.

Industrial Faucet Types

There are three basics of commercial style kitchen faucets: the widespread, the two-handle centerset and the single-handle centerset (here’s our widespread vs centerset comparison). In these commercial kitchen faucet reviews, we’ve picked only the single-handle centerset models because they are the most popular choice among homeowners and provide a more aesthetically pleasing design.


A traditional kitchen with a very modern faucet would look a bit odd. So the faucet should express the same style that your kitchen does. You can find different designs and finishes of commercial style kitchen faucets that will perfectly complement the aesthetics of your kitchen decor.


Since kitchen faucets have to withstand everyday use, they should be made of quality materials and solid construction. The quality of the construction ensures the durability and safety of the fixture.

The most common material used for manufacturing restaurant style kitchen faucets is lead-free brass. The plastic material would be able to last long on such faucets. Brass, on the other hand, provides strength, corrosion resistance and makes the water safe.


Another thing to consider when choosing a good semi-professional kitchen faucet is the right finish. Choose a finish that would complement your existing kitchen decor, whether it is contemporary or traditional. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to match the finish of the new faucet to the other fixtures and appliances in your kitchen.

If you’re remodeling the kitchen, you can make the new commercial faucet the centerpiece and then buy other fixtures to match it.

Faucet Height

One of the things that make commercial faucets stand out is the height of their spout, which can often reach over 20 inches. It gives the faucet a more sleek look and makes the kitchen sink area more functional. However, before buying one of these faucets, make sure that you have enough space between the bottom counter and the cupboard or anything else that you might have above the sink. Another problem with a commercial faucet might arise if you have a very small or shallow sink, creating a lot of splash around the sink.


Do you prefer one-handle, two-handle or hands-free operation? One-handle faucets take up less room and make the sink area look cleaner. Having two separate handles allows making more precise adjustments to water pressure and temperature. Hands-free models use Motion Sense technology to detect the movement of your hand and send the water flow. When shopping for a restaurant style kitchen faucet, most of the products you’ll find are single-lever designs and that’s the only type we’ve included in our review.


Commercial kitchen faucets include a spray head that can be either pulled down or out. This allows you to get extra maneuverability and extended reach of the water stream.

When checking the features of the spray head, look for a magnetic docking system as it’s the most reliable technology. It will keep the wand in place and not let it droop over time. Most products also offer two functions: the spray and stream modes.


Rotating spouts offer more coverage in the sink. Some faucets can rotate 360 degrees, while others offer 180 degree rotation. This a handy feature to have if you have a double basin sink, so the water stream can reach both basins.


Industrial style kitchen faucets usually require 1-hole installation. If you already have 3 holes drilled in your sink, you can mount the fixture on a deckplate.

However, if you found a 3-hole mounting faucet but have a 1-hole sink, it’s best to choose another faucet that would match your sink. Drilling new holes in your sink is an unnecessary hassle.

Ceramic Cartridges

The quality of the cartridges also contributes to the overall quality and lifetime of the faucet. Ceramic cartridges are considered the industry standard of quality.

Water Pressure

When looking for a new commercial kitchen faucet, also check the manufacturer’s recommendations for water pressure. Different products can have varying water pressure requirements. For example, if your local source doesn’t provide enough water pressure, the faucet might not be able to provide your household with a powerful enough stream.

Price And Warranty

The best professional kitchen faucets can be very expensive. However, there are plenty of products available at a lower price point as well. So choose according to your budget but keep in mind that a very cheap model might not be able to provide the best quality. Though that also doesn’t mean that the best ones are only the most expensive ones.

It’s also wise to buy from a reputable brand that you know will come to your rescue if something goes wrong with the faucet. You don’t want to buy an expensive faucet and then not be able to find the manufacturer to replace the parts. These known brands also usually offer better warranty coverage and better customer support.

3 Reasons To Buy a Professional Kitchen Faucet For Your Home

  1. Beautiful designs. They feature high arc designs with a swan-like neck. It gives the faucet an eye-catching look that is definitely bound to attract attention. It’s perfect for modern kitchens but in certain finishes can also work with traditional styles.
  2. Offer lots of functionality. You can use it to provide a stream of water for any regular tasks or you can pull it down and use powerful spray mode for heavy-duty cleaning. It also gives more maneuverability around and away from the kitchen basin.
  3. Easy to install. These faucets don’t require any complicated installation. It’s as straightforward as installing any other kitchen faucet. Most of the fixtures also include everything you’ll need to set it up.

Wrap Up

Before deciding which is the best commercial kitchen faucet for your home, analyze the available options, their features and specifications. Choose a design that will reflect your personality. Choose features that you’ll find useful in your everyday tasks. Select specifications that will work with your existing kitchen configuration. Then pick the product that will suit your budget. And it’s always helpful to check some commercial kitchen faucet reviews to see if the users have been happy with their purchase.

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