15 Small Bathroom Ideas On a Budget

It can be difficult finding remodel ideas for a small bathroom. Especially, when you have a low budget. However, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a stylish and functional bathroom. So here are 15 small bathroom ideas on a budget.

15 Small Bathroom Ideas On a Budget

Use Freestanding Furniture

Small bathrooms shouldn’t limit your creative flair. Consider getting freestanding furniture, such as freestanding storage and seating. They look good and are very functional since you can move them around whenever you want. Moreover, unlike installed bathroom units, you’ll also be able to take this freestanding furniture with you if you’ll be moving out.

Free Up the Floor Space

Use the Corners

Expand the Mirror

Install a Wall-Mounted Faucet

Wall-mounted faucets can be installed over narrower sink and vanity. This frees up some of that essential square footage of your small bathroom. It also saves up on the countertop space, leaving more room for your toiletries.

Use Shelving

Experiment With Paint Effects

An affordable way to make the small space of a bathroom look more striking is by experimenting with paint methods. For example, you can use several shades of varying tones of paint and create an ombre accent wall. The colors that work best in the bathroom are blue and green.

Use Multi-Purpose Storage

Some bathroom units offer multi-purpose usage. The best example of this is mirrored cabinets. You can store there your bathroom essentials, use it as a mirror, while also have space look more spacious and lighter.

Limit the Tile


Install Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to save on your heating bills. Moreover, since it’s hidden under the floor, you’re not using any of the visible space. However, if you’re not planning on installing a new bathroom floor, you’d probably want to opt for another heating options. It can be a heated towel rail or a radiator.

Skip the Bathtub

Bathtubs take up a lot of space, which is very limited in a small bathroom. So if you want to create more room, skip the bathtub and install a frameless shower enclosure instead. Especially, if you barely ever bathe, a shower is all you need. An enclosure with clear glass doors will reduce the obstruction of light and will make space feel roomier.

Plan Your Color Palette

Keep Clutter Under Control

Keeping everything neat and tidy is especially important in a tiny bathroom. Make sure that all your toiletries and towels have a place for their storage so that they’re not just lying around anywhere. Think of clever storage options, some of which we’ve mentioned above. For example, it can be open shelves, baskets, multi-tier open storage units. Find a solution that would work best for your bathroom.

Opt For Green Upgrades

If you’re doing a complete bathroom remodel, you’ll probably also need to get new fixtures. When doing so, don’t forget to keep the environment in mind. Choose a low-flow toilet, a low flow showerhead, faucet, and sink. These fixtures will not only contribute to conserving water but will also help you save money on water bills.

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